Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) Recruitment Disclaimer

The attention of Nigeria LNG Limited (‘NLNG’) has been drawn to the schemes of certain groups of persons and individuals posing as agents of NLNG in relation to the NLNG Train 7 Project (‘NLNG Train 7’ or the ‘Project’), and extorting or taxing companies, organisations and members of the public fees, under the guise of their inclusion in an Approved Vendor List for NLNG Train 7 among other things.

NLNG vehemently states that all such assertions by any groups of persons and individuals are fallacious and inauthentic. All contracts for engineering, purchases and construction works relating to NLNG Train 7 have been awarded to a consortium comprising Saipem, Chiyoda and Daewoo (‘SCD JV’), which will be in control of any subcontracting enterprises, and dispense the vendors lists as approved by the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (‘NCDMB’). No other group of persons, individuals, establishment or corporations have been commisioned by NLNG in any position whatsoever relating with the Project.

Members of the public are additionally advised that the EPC Contractor for the Train 7 Project (SCD JV) are independent corporate entities from NLNG and that NLNG staffs, chairperson or stakeholders are not involved in managing any contracts or subcontracts on their on their account. NLNG chairperson, stakeholders or employees are therefore not in any position to consider any questions or demands concerning such contracts, subcontracts or employment opportunities in the Train 7 Project and will give account of any offer for these matters in line with the Company’s Code of Conduct and Business ethics.

Individuals and companies with avid interest in the pursuit of opportunities on the Project are advised to visit the contractor’s website for the accurate details on how to do business with the consortium through this link: Saipem Qualification Management
Therefore, NLNG cautions the general public to practice due tenacity and caution at all times, and to desist from any business with, or making any payments to any such dishonest groups of persons, individuals, companies or organisations posing as representatives of the Company in relation to NLNG Train 7.

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) Recruitment Disclaimer
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