Nigerian father employs his son as security man in his company

A Nigerian father identified as Felix Obazee, has revealed that he employed his son, Uyiogosa, as a security man at his company.

Obazee, who is the CEO of Fionet Security Services, made this known via a LinkedIn post. He shared photos of his child dressed in the company’s security uniform and said that he did it in order to give his son quality parenting.

In the post, he posed rhetorical questions to people, asking if they would choose to teach their kids their business or shield them with the flimsy talk that they do not want them to suffer.

He also thanked God for the grace he bestowed on him which enabled him to bring up responsible children, that would become leaders of their generation.

Mr Obazee’s post received numerous reactions from LinkedIn users.

Read some of the reactions:

Dotun Jegede: Talented young man builds petrol tanker prototype, photos go viral “My daughter is 10, she helps me document my consultancy income at home. She helps input data and collate client database. On this very Satuday, we both went out inside the estate to do some online submissions plans sorting.

Abraham Ojo: I hope you paid the young man.

Bala: Felix, you are my most envied parent today and will be for a long time. But credit must also go to Uyi (who deserves and lives his name ‘Praise’) for submitting to your guidance. It is not easy these days to convince adult elite children to discipline methods like these.

Kelechi Uchenna: My opinion, I would introduce my children to my business and let them know that they are welcome to join the business if they are interested. They can be executive directors or non executive directors( owners) depending on their choice…

See comments and reactions

Carlin Smart: Nothing is bad abt that. The dude is still very young and I’m sure he must have to start somewhere so he can represent the company very well as when due. It called LEADERSHIP TRAINING 😂 😋. nah person wey work for gate go enjoy the papa wealth.. ✌✌✊✊

Real Bobby: It may not be a permanent placement for his son, but to inculcate in him the principles of hardwork and building ones lifes foundation. To be a better person tomorrow.

Precious Munachi: Makes so much sense. He probably wants to teach his son humility, and allow his son to prove to him that he (the son) can work his way to the top and not just coming from somewhere to assume the position of CEO.
By the time he becomes a graduate, he would have understood what it takes to lead and to be led. Good parenting.👌

Horlar Horlar: Guess the nigga is not serious and before he spoil and destroy his father company, the father kukuma use him as security guard.

And it is also another version of if you are too big to serve you are too small to lead.

John Donatus: Wow😮 such a brave father, that’s really impressive his son will be working from the background and gets to know who is who, also monitor all the activities taking place till he gets to the top.

CCTV camera for a wise man.

Chioma Onyema: Nigeria parents always have a way of teaching you that life is never a bed of roses. If you must have it then you must earn it. Hard way of learning I pray it helps to teach the child what the Dad actually wants to teach hin

Benneth Eze: A good way to start off a youth in the corporate ladder. A good start off on experience gathering. A solid foundation for learning of values in the work place.

Austin Ebube: They man really knows what he is doing ,just want the son to understand more about life so he won’t start spending unnecessary when the time comes …so let the son know that making money isn’t easy at all

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