Nigerian Lady Laments As She Was Asked To Cut Eye-lashes Before Passport Renewal


A Nigerian lady identified as Tiwalola, took to Twitter to narrate how she was asked to cut her eye-lashes before her Nigerian passport could be renewed.

In recent times, many Nigerians have taken to social media to complain about their experiences at various passport offices across the country, and Tiwalola has now joined the growing list.

According to her, despite spending 5 hours of her time at the passport office, trying to get her NIN so as to renew her Nigerian passport, she was sent back home as the staff said they can’t capture her picture cause her lashes weren’t real.

The unnamed staff also suggested that they use a scissors to cut off the lashes so as to allow her capture her picture.

She wrote;

“Waited 5 hours in the passport office to get my NIN and renew my Nigerian passport and when it was time to finally take my picture and go home they said they couldn’t take it because my lashes aren’t real. They said I should bring scissors to cut them”

Tiwalola also further shared a selfie of herself, to allow the public see the lashes which the staff complained about.

Sharing the picture she wrote;

“No jokes oh.. guys see the lashes and the hot tears I cried. Haven’t even eaten today”.

See comments and reactions

Nelo Chucks: If you are going for anything official specially passport or any national identification whatever, please respect yourself dress properly and don’t wear any artificial stuff’s, because they will frustrate you, when I went for capturing for my international passport, e remain for them to tell me to loose my hair, I dint even makeup or anything, na them go even give you powder to rub

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Elvis Nwamadi: It’s even for her own good, na normal thing. Tinted hairs, eyelashes, heavy make ups ain’t allowed in passport office. She should have known better

Shamsiyyat Abdullah: She likes stress because you can’t capture with such fake long lashes. You might not look like that all the time bcos it’s artificial. You should have removed them before going for capturing.

Julia Nnena: This matter serious…I was asked to wash my face twice before doing mine, that my face was not real

Sf Valentine: I love my country so much
They just gave you two options
Is either you chose eyelash over passport
Or you chose passport over eyelashes
It simple😀😀😀😀

Abuchi David: If I was the one I’ll ask you to remove it and wash your face.

Meanwhile my guys that silly habit of folding #500 into a girl hand for transport must stop this 2020 we don’t want that rubbish in 2021… Yes am talking to you guys! 😂 😂

Edith Sitemanife: You are funny o. Don’t you know those are the means of identifying who u really are? & u ought to look real because eyelashes can definitely change ur original look. If u are intelligent & smart you ought to have known & don’t disgrace yourself by posting this.

Nigerian Lady Laments As She Was Asked To Cut Eye-lashes Before Passport Renewal
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