Nigerian man narrates how he stopped the police from freeing a suspected pedophile because the mother of the child was unable to ‘pay money to register the case’



A Nigerian man has narrated how he stopped the police from freeing a suspected pedophile because the mother of the child was unable to ‘pay money to register the case’.

According to @Deleconcept, the man was apprehended after he allegedly fingered a 5-year-old girl in Festac town, Lagos.

He also revealed that the mother of child opted for compensation because she couldn’t pay the money the police allegedly asked her to pay to register the case.

The Twitter user alleged they were able to get the police to act on the case with tips and recharge cards, and he is on ground to ensure the parents and their child get justice.

He tweeted;

This man below fingered a 5 year old girl at Festac Town. Stop & read what I typed again. A full grown man took advantage of a child. She was bleeding when the mum took her to d clinic.

People around started beating the man until the Army incharge of the area took him into custody. They asked the parents to call @PoliceNG but as usual someone at the station asked for money to register the case.

The parents didn’t know what to do and too broke to handle the case. So they opted out for compensation from the culprit. I got there & stopped whatever compensation. This man must face justice. I’d some help around and we called some friendly police officers to help pick up the man, this approach came with tips and recharge cards

I am presently at the Police Station at Festac Town Area command with the parents and the child to get justice. The victim looking at her molester

See comments and reactions:

Martin Beck: This is really sad. Fingering a five year old? Gosh! That man needs to get put behind bars. I can offer free legal support if need be. Jeffrey Epstein was a rich disgusting American and seeing this reminds me what he did with underage girls.

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And to make matters worse, her mother agreed to a compensation because of poverty. This is nerve cringing. Thanks to the man who came through to stop that. Let babies be babies! And I pray God provides for all of us so we won’t be in situations like this.

There’s no last paragraph here, that man’s prick needs to be ironed with pressing iron and a broom stick inserted through the opening!

Cherish Andy: That’s how stupid they are.. So someone reported a terrible case to you, but because she didn’t have money to register, you freed a criminal… God will punish all of you corrupt things

Martin Chimezie: So without a man coming to help the woman

Our Nigeria police would have let a criminal go just like that??

Indeed there was a country!!

Let just tell ourself the Truth this country is finish!!

Mercy Olutoye: I used to tell people that most police officers are criminals in uniform… Just check what they did here..

Christ Sam: If you don’t have what it takes to pick up your case, social media will help you draw the attention of human right activist and Rich individual who vowed to fight for the oppressed because of the way they were once intimidated when they were poor.

Kingsley Chibu: For the poor and weak that has no money to buy a good lawyer Social media is such a strong platform to register their case.but these blood sucking vampires we call our leaders want to tamper with our last hope by regulating social media ..

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