Nigerian man who was arrested while charging his laptop in a friend’s house stays in prison for 6 years without trial

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A lady has taken to social media to raise an alarm of a Nigerian man still being kept in prison for 6 years without trial after he was “wrongfully” arrested while charging his laptop at his neighbour’s house.

The lady with the twitter handle, @hausa_girl who identified the Nigerian man as “Junior” said the criminal the police arrested during a raid at the apartment confirmed Junior was innocent, but they refused to release him.

Her tweet reads ;

This guy has been in maximum prison for six years without trial. He went to charge his laptop in his neighbour’s house. That was how he was raided with the guy. Junior is not a criminal.. Six years of his life is wasted and he’s still awaiting trial.

The criminal they arrested told them Junior was innocent but they didn’t release him. Let’s get him out please..

Our voices has to be heard!!! For how long will innocent people suffer from this failed system? Different cases of juvenile in prison for stealing onion or being in jail for raided with criminals.. He has wasted 6years of his life. This country owes Junior his life!

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Oti kester Martins
There must be some form of compensation from the govt. He cant just waste 6 years of his live in a federal prison for nothing. And the team who made the arrest should be brought to book. This is bad. The Nigerians police should be reformed and screened of all these illiterates with guns parading the society

Lucky Francis Chinonso
As an igbo man if he used that six years to serve someone (igba boi) by now his boss would have settled him, has his own shop and doing well with business but now he just wasted the whole years….
May God protect us from the hand of our police men

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Lilian Owunali Allison
This country is messed up. People stealing govt money will be walking freely n given police bribe. Pls release the innocent boy n pay him for damages for 6yrs. What a country.

Ãda Ezé
Our Nigerian police are incompetent
I no of someone who spent a long time in prison for an offence he didn’t commit
Nd he eventually died there

Nne Ebus
Sometimes I wonder if our police men know God at all or don’t them feel others pain, whatever you are doing in this life just remember that after here we still have a long way to go so try to make your way straight before then

Martins Chukwuma
The government will pay me 50m a job and an accommodation for damages caused

Cee Uchechukwu-Jay
Human right should come in for him FG needs to pay him for damages because I am sure he must have told the police why he was there …but they refused to listen …. I won’t be surprised to know the person they wanted have left the prison since

Esther Dominic
If u leave in Nigeria nd unfortunately u make hell my dear it shouldn’t be a new thing for because Nigeria is d breach. I pray innocent Nigerians shouldn’t find themselves in hell because it will been better they abort u instead.

Justice Isikota
This is the reason Africa is suffering till now, because too much injustice in Africa, Western countries are moving forward because they ensure that justice is available both to the rich and poor.

Adahkole Emmanuel
I tell you, I remembered when I went for prison visitation 2 years ago, many people were just there, they said they were packing people and they joined them, and they’ve been there for 6months, some 18 months.

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Kenehukeu Dunu
That’s the type of country we’re in…
No trial b4 sentence
May una reason am oo
Is not good oo
Whoever is behind this should put him or herself in this guy’s shoe, if not for any other thing the pain alone

Orji-Nmah Aladin
Once you don’t settle them at the point of arrest,forget am you don become prisoner be that.
Judges self no dey come court to hear cases.
State of the Nation.

Olafusi Deborah
My brother and his friend, was arrested with some yahoo boys in a hotel, I went there the second day to bail them out but I can’t even afford the price they gave me for the both of them, they were even threatening to put them in prison meanwhile some of the yahoo boys they caught with all kinds of charms, iPhones, gun and laptops have being released and they were going to replace them with my innocent brother and some other poor people. So I had no choice but to bail my brother first and maybe we will come back for his frnd but it was too late when we get there he was already in prison till today. And it’s like 3yrs ago😢😔😢

Abudulkadir Shehu
Imagine. Victim of wickedness and overzealousness by Nigeria’s corrupt policemen. Just wasted this guy’s six good years behind bar, without any crime said he had committed to warrant his arrest. Just too bad. Karma, please fight for this guy.

Paracleta Jones
He served for another persons crime, lots of innocent inmate ate giving names that are not theirs so they serve the time given.
I wonder what’s left in nigeria. Soon we start selling ourselves

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Genevieve Obiora Ezekwo
Many people in police custody are innocent people..
May God protect us from this kind of misfortune

Gracie Gracie
This is why Google referred this country as ZOO cos they don’t vale human’s life and treat people like animals

If u cough or express your freedom of speech, u will be imprisoned; meanwhile, the real thieves are being applauded and given accolades e everyday

Nigga-aria represents darkness, sufferings, backwardness, everything bad…..

Benjamin Benevolent Benalisa
Many innocent souls are in the prison and have been forgotten ..
No trial..
They are just waiting and wasting there like casualties of the ear waiting for the funerals..
May God save them

Lucky Okocha
Government have to give him a huge amount of money to start is life that is the solution, because they wasted 6 years of Is life

Samuel Leo Falana
Jesu, that is sara suffer… suffering for no reason… I wish he had someone in his family that could be bold enough to get him a competent lawyer to plea for his release

Divine Wisdom
Nigeria is here it is today because a lot of human resources who would have provided solutions to national issues have been wasted.while our blind leaders are so concerned about mineral resources that can’t utilize and conserve itself without our intelligent and vibrant youths.

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