Nigerian Woman, Fabiola Thomas, killed for Rejecting Marriage Proposal

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A 39-year-old Nigerian woman, Fabiola Thomas, was allegedly killed by 38-year-old man from Georgia, America, identified as Antonio Wilson, for rejecting his marriage proposal.

Fabiola’s roommate discovered her body in the bathtub at the Atlanta Newtown Apartments and alerted police. She was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

According to reports, Fabiola Thomas and Antonio Wilson met on the dating app, “Plenty of Fish”.

Police spokesman Sean Thompson said the killing was in connection to Thomas rejecting the idea of them getting married.

A warrant indicates Wilson planned to give Thomas an engagement ring, but Thomas said she didn’t want him coming to her house.

Police could not release any details of how Thomas was murdered but stated that her body had signs of trauma.

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