Nigerian woman recounts how she reacted badly to hair dye


  1. A Nigerian lady identified as @Officialmarghy on Twitter, has taken to the platform to reveal the harm a hair dye product did to her.

Marghy who stated that she was allergic to a particular ingredient in black hair dye revealed that she reacted badly to it after she dyed her hair black in November 2020.

A Twitter user @Aproko_doctor had earlier taken to the micro-blogging platform to warn against Phenylenediamine, an ingredient in hair dye which he claims is “illegal to use on the skin”.

He wrote;

“Before you apply hair dye on your head, please check if PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) is part of the ingredients, PPD is so powerful and toxic that it is illegal to use it on the skin. This lady had a reaction to PPD and it caused her head to swell.”

To confirm the Aproko_doctors claim, Marghy shared a similar experience she had with hair dye in 2020.

Sharing photos showing the extent of the damage done to her face after she dyed her hair, she tweeted,

“This was what black dye did to me in November 2020.

“There was also I time I drew design with Henna(lali) and i got similar reaction. Infact it was as if they poured hot water on hand.

“It was even gold initially, then wine, then i got tired and wanted my black back. The laali was around 2016 but i still have the design on my handSmiling face with open mouth. I shay no dey hear word.

“Went to the hospital and they gave me some drugs including an allergy eye drop, cos my eyes were almost glued. In less dan a week I was ok.

“The 1st time i noticed this black dye ish was wen i was on dreadlocks but I didn’t take it serious until i used a shampoo dye dat made me look exactly like this Chinese. Had to cut the dreads”.

See comments and reactions

Diamond Gold: It service her right next time she won’t take it again otherwise she stop from additional what God creator you is enough cos her natural is more beautiful.

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Jerrie Bernard: Anything wey concern hair, I don comot my hand for am.

Na so i take lose my front hair cos of relaxer.

I come relax 💔

John Uche: Why do you need to dye your hair if actually God dyed the hair for you while creating you?! Look at what ‘I too know’ has caused her now! ‘She wan do more than God’. (Being natural is bea!)

Chioma Okoro: Do not trust all the Chinese cream product. It can actually turn u to a Chinese man.. Eehya ,, see a black Chinese man in the making .. Na wa oooo

Daniel Idebe: See people using hair dye mocking her. Almost 70% of Nigerians use hair dye. Enter street and see most people on tinted hair. I hope she finds a solution and get better

Timothy successful: The truth is, nearly all dyes contain PPD, it’s the chemical substance that ensures the permanency of hair dye, but some people might be allergic to the substance and excessive usage is probably not advised.

Clinton Adesanya: If you love your hair, you would stop applying hair dye to it, it causes hair breakage and can damage your scalp.

It somehow reduces the growth of hair, if somehow you can’t do but dye your hair then resort to hair treatment using egg mask or some good hair products. But if you want the best avoid hair dye.

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