“Nigerian women are always pulling me down ” ~ Tiwa Savage cries out

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Popular Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage has bemoaned a sad fact that Nigerian women do not like her and she says they are always pulling her down.

Tiwa Savage made this disclosure following an insenstive tweet from a lady who insinuated she (Tiwa) makes music for ‘Ashawo’.

“Duduke is for people in good and healthy relationship… Ashawo relax Tiwa Savage will soon sing your own 😂🤷” the tweet read.

However, another twitter user shut the troll down with a reply ;

“Nigerian women are always pulling Tiwa Savage down woow… She’s one of the few African women who put the continent on the map but the disrespect she receives from these women is disgusting”.

Tiwa, in her reaction, expressed her sadness as she said the tweet made her weak.

“It’s always been like that, I doubt it will ever change. Maybe I for just jeje dey yankee dey sing my rnb because I see how hard the Rihanna navy, beehives, barbs protect their own.”

“I swear the tin weak me and this thread is mainly from women. God I know you see ALL, I remain within your arms of protection and blessings 🙏🏾”

See comments and reactions

Annabel Ahamdi: Tiwasavage is a wonderful artist who doesn’t like trouble
But people tend to disregard her a lot and its bad
But sha that’s human beings for you, people must surely say negative stuffs about you

Happiness Eugene: That’s because you allow them to get to you
Low self-esteem kills faster than depression
And self confidence is a most and in this world of our you need all the confidence you can get else they wouldn’t only pull you down they’ll root you out

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Hey I’m not a motivational speaker mbok

Victoria Adeola: Nobody filled pulled you down my role model. In as long u didnt eat from there pulse. My dear sis be happy and dont hear/look what other people are saying about you. I always love u and ur music. Stay blessed

Mercy Zealb: My dear, do things that will make you happy and forget what people say or do, because they can never remember any good thing you do but will always sing that one bad thing to your ear all the time

Laurette Arikpo: That’s the world we are into,women pulling each other down, ain’t supportive at all,full of jealous..
That’s why I don’t have female friend at all…it’s either hi and that settles it..

Am your fan tiwa ,I sincerely love and most especially Simi 😍😍
My role model

Belema Obomanu: It’s normal with women, they hate themselves. The major problem of women happens to be women. Much love to everyone woman who genuinely support their fellow women and not for clout

Best Favour: Women don’t appreciate each other, some do envy people’s progress , some will end your marriage in the process of blackmailing you, I don’t keep any of them as friend, my siblings I see as friends am still managing them, imagine telling only one your secret, boom your mother and other siblings are already aware, in my next world, I wish to be a man🙏🙏🙏 sincerely

Victor Obasi: You were loved for UR originality, during ur era in the industry, before ur fake side took turn and u were disregarded,,by women whom regarded u then.. maybe not just for that alone, perhaps for ur semi nude videos, of yah u promote.

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Enobong James: I think you are not talking about the one you said very soon you will go naked in your next song shot how e take concerned Nigerian women abegi fly away peter

Evelyn Oluwakemi: I believe you, that’s how women are, if not take tacha and mercy for example, mercy won what they where fighting for but still trying to pulled tacha down.

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  1. Tiwa, we r seriously awaiting for your current NUDES and that’s wen women n even men’ll love you more.Surely it wunt take time !!!

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