Nigerians drag Sen. Dino Melaye for showing off his luxury apartment on social media

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“Don’t ask me how” – Dino Melaye warns critics as he shows off the interior of his massive house

Dino Melaye, today showed off the interior of his palatial home with a warning to his critics not to ask him how he did it.

The politician shared the photo above and wrote

Dont ask me how. Ask God who has made me his personal project. God you are great…Great is your name. Dino MELAYE is thanking you every day”

See pictures below:

See comments and reactions:

Ifejika Chikwado: Hardworking pays…

there is no different between a politician and an internet fraudster… both are the same…they BOTH steal from the innocent victims..

Enobong Etim: That is why I have said to myself that I will not vote in this country again, just imagine the arrogance, if not with our money, tell me how he would have acquire this luxllery to show us, you just loss my respect and am unfriending you on IG. We Nigerians should acquire sense this 2020 jare

Chukwuemeka Daniel: It is shameful, ignorant and embarrassing for young Nigerians to come here and be typing congrats. This is beautiful. For starters this guy stole money meant to develop his constituency and his people to build this mansion. He’s nothing but a thief who should be arrested and thrown into prison. But not in Nigeria. Instead the same people he stole their money to build this house are worshipping and congratulating him as if he worked for it. Shame!

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Merlous Kwatang: I dnt understd why a politician in Nigeria can comfortably show off its assets and ppl cant question them, this can’t happen in Ghana

Deckman Adams: And he keeps shouting people are suffering from inside dis type of house? God why are u not using Ur thunder na

Young Monpha: I don’t need to ask you how, 36 million times how many months you stayed in office, plus other bonuses and small small looting will get you any interior decoration you Want. Wats the point of wasting my how

Clinton Nnaemeka: How will we ask a former senator in Nigeria how he built his house? We all know how lucrative and juicy such positions are, and that’s why most of you will do anything just to get there for the benefits and not for the work.

Divine Wisdom: If a man can make this for himself I wonder what my father has gone to prepare for me in heaven…. gather here if u will also love to be there.

Amaka Daniel: Says who, abeg which formula did you use to get this answer. Kindly show full working to avoid the wrath of the supervisor. Dino if you know you understand.

Chris Banks: I know enemies of good interiors will start talking now. Some will even call him evil politician. But I know Dino is better than their uncles. Oga I love ur swag Biko.

Ogunbo Elliot: Soon you will be jumping off kirikiri van upandan! Kontinu showing yasef! Meanwhile I am still searching for where he is seated. All comes into vanity

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Hilldon Makusela: This Man is becoming too noisy,
He wan tell us say na em hustle pass?

Em for just park well with the little respect he has been enjoying.

Elias Sally: Toh we have seen it but all is vanity , where is Abacha today? Do you have one quarter of what he have?

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