Nigerians react as pupil turns ATM gallery light into reading lamp

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Reactions have trailed the action of a pupil, simply identified as Dele, found reading at the gallery of an Automated Teller Machine belonging to the First City Monument Bank in Ondo State.

A Twitter user, Bada Maruf, said he was about using the ATM when he saw the pupil.

According to him, the pupil was making use of the ATM light to sort her homework when he saw her.

Although he did not give the exact time and day he saw the pupil at the ATM gallery, Mattew made the post at 10.08pm on February 5.

Maruf tweeted, “I saw this little Dele at FCMB Bank along Yaba Road in Ondo City. She is using the ATM Gallery light to do her homework. My respect goes to her determination to make it in life. Let it go viral.

“I am the Education Secretary of Ondo West Local Government. I picked interest in the little girl because of my love in education.”

In response to the post, the FCMB declared its intention to support Dele. It also called on members of the public to help find Dele.

“We are inspired by Dele’s determination to study. It’s great our ATM Gallery could light her books for the evening, but we would love to do more to support (her). Can you please help us find Dele? Please RT (retweet) until it gets to someone who knows her,” FCMB tweeted.

On Monday, details and images of Dele surfaced on social media, showing that she might have been found by the FCMB as she was pictured in a school uniform standing beside the same ATM.

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It was further revealed that she attends Hope Glory Academy in Ondo State.

Reacting, Twitter users blamed the lack of power supply for Dele’s resort to study at the FCMB’s ATM gallery.

They also commended Dele for her determination to be educated.

One of them, identified as Ondo First Born, said, “Ordinary lack of electricity could not stop or discourage her. Dele is a goal.”

Olivia Niola added, “I don’t know why God made me soo emotional, I’ll see things like this and immediately burst into tears.”

Olivia Niola added, “I don’t know why God made me soo emotional, I’ll see things like this and immediately burst into tears.”

“Dele was determined to do her work when others could easily tell their teachers there was no light to do the homework. She needs to be encouraged,” Ikechukwu added.

Charles Ujunwa Ingreen: That’s a child her govt and society leadership have failed. Imagine her and compare with others who could not come to city.

Adelapo Adebisi: This show how Nigerians are enjoying 24/7 electricity we continue paying for darkness,some people have paid for prepaid meter since 2016 till day they couldn’t get it because those in charge know the implication .

Christian Ezeh: This is happening to a privileged child who stays in the city, what about those in the rural areas where there is no banks, this country needs radical restructuring

Ukeme Umoren: Very shameful to our nation, where there is no electricity, to d innocent girl d government I know will do nothing to it.imagine a state like Ondo were policemen were killed at d bank,d same spot d innocent girl was found reading.

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Honourable Aagbakin: Exactly what am talking about. There’s nothing like unmerited favour in life. Stop deceiving people with your Sakamaje doctrine… This little girl did something to achieve something…. May you grow in wisdom and knowledge of God in the name of Jesus… Thanks to FCMB, ilese yin koni jona oooo….

Magdalene Onyebinama: Shame to Nigeria the so called giant of Africa. Despite all the billions yet we can’t boast of common 18 to 20hrs of steady light

Edeh Sunday Joseph: This is the same country that Lai Mohammed younger brother said we now enjoyed 24/7 electricity, Nigeria is a shame and disgrace to the world

Prince Isaac: As useless as this Country is, there’s no light in my Area for the past few days now. I guess where this Gal is staying is close to mine. The funniest part all these yearning at the end of the month BEDC will bring outrageous bill. A Country where you pay for utilities bills to the government that wasn’t render. I heard She has been located already.

Reuben Sampson: Have you discovered that even FG is broke so much so that they now struggle to pay salaries? The looting in this government is mind bugling & humongous.

Fred Godswill; If their is lights in Nigeria that child should be at home reading her books but unfortunately she has been failed by the thieves who have been stealing from the govt pocket. Osibanjo told us that his mother told him that he must fix the electricity problem in Nigeria but shame he is no where to be found anymore

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