“Nigerians who supported Trump are brainwashed, hypocritical. Jesus will be disappointed” – Uti Nwachukwu


Reality Tv star, Uti Nwachukwu has come for Nigerians who supported Donald Trump in recent US Presidential election all in the name of Christianity.

He made this submission in a recent post he shared on his official Twitter page on Saturday November 7.

According to the seasoned media personality, Trump clearly perpetuated hate, division and anarchy.

He went further to say that anyone who ever tweeted #EndSARS but supported Trump is the main problem of Nigeria.

He wrote, ”I’m so ashamed of the hypocritical brain washed Nigerians supporting Trump all in the name of Christianity! SOMEONE THAT CLEARLY PERPETUATED HATE, DIVISION AND ANARCHY!! This is who u people were holding vigils for? Is this the love Jesus preached? He will be so disappointed.

If you ever tweeted or shouted #EndSARS and you are a trump supporter ALL IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY , then YOU ARE PART OF OUR MAIN PROBLEM IN NIGERIA!! You are part of the reason why we have suffered injustice and bad governance in Nigeria! U disgust me!!Tueh HYPOCRITE!!!!”

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Bilkiss Eneida: Until we are ready to do away with religion and tribe while choosing a leader,
I’m sorry to say Nigeria can never be better.

Take a look at US, just take a look at my people insulting themselves over them.
It’s a pity shioooooor.

To the few of us that is using our sense, cheers darlings😍😍😍😍

Martin Beck: It is their choice to support whomever they so wish. With due respect, you’re not the spokesperson of heaven to state who will be dissapointed or not.

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If supporting Trump makes you happy, please continue. Even if you never get to visit the US, both of you can meet in heaven. Do you and be happy.

If pressing bress or grabbing them by the p like Papa Trump talked about gives you the juice, please by all means, get your freak on! Just respect people’s choices and body!

Chinweike Ibekwe: Am not surprised….. most of them hate Trump because of anti gay law. Maybe they are hoping that Biden will force Buhari to pass the bill in Nigeria.

Anchomo Dadu: So because you support Joe Biden everyone should? Na your brain needs washing 😅 Mr, different strokes for different folks…just dey show yourself you hear?
Why is it that all these celebraties are quick to talk and act but later they will start crying and seeking for forgiveness?

Sharon Omogun: Why will nigerians always involve God in politics,when they know that that aren’t doing the right thing they keep calling God,

Kenny Oputa: I am so disappointed in Uti Nwachukwu or whatever he calls himself. His point is baseless and ridiculous. Who brainwashed who? I think he should think deep next time before effusing jargons. Choice of candidate in any election is based on interest and who one believes in most. Most time people’s choices are not really based on political jingles, publicity or campaigns but rather deep convictions from within attached to the person’s achievements, personality and perceived capability. Therefore, Mr Uti Nwachukwu does not have any moral justification to cast aspersions on any one that made a choice of Trump especially on Religious premise. Uti should learn to respect people choices at all times.

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Emeka Maduka: If there’s anyone that is brainwashed here,that person is you, yes you,to think that Jesus Christ have anything to do with your emotions. I supported Trump and am still supporting him. Young man you know nothing about Jesus and forgiveness

“Nigerians who supported Trump are brainwashed, hypocritical. Jesus will be disappointed” – Uti Nwachukwu
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