Nigeria’s Vision 2020, And It’s Tragic Turn Out

Vision 2020, And It’s Tragic Turn Out

The year 2020, started very very well like every other years in the past. After the celebration of the triumphant entry into the new year with much positive expectations from people which will bring abundant achievements, ranging from building of new houses, buying of cars, buying of lands, etc. There was so talk about the year 2020 by Government in the past 10years with a tag Vision 2020, but to the surprise of all the vision turn out to negative aspect and the entire Nations of the world experiencing the worst situation.

The world as it stands is being ravaged by Covid-19 Pandemic, that has crippled so many countries economy, forcing many companies and firms into relieving multitudes of their job, whereby increasing the rate of unemployment drastically. The pandemic has killed more of aged people and prominent people in the society. It caused this generation to experience lock down of Schools, Supermarkets, Cinemas, Night Clubs, Other Businesses for several months.

Nobody has been able to come up with acceptable solution (s) to put an end to this Global Pandemic. Instead countries are learning to live with it and take precautions, follow WHO guidelines on how to live with the pandemic.

In Nigeria, some citizens do not believe the existence of Covid-19 Pandemic but the death toll increases on daily basis, citizens still cluster or gather in large numbers, ignoring the precautionary measure put in place by NCDC and WHO to curb the spread of the virus. Some with religious beliefs, sees it as End time, while some others interprets it in their own way.

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As Nigerians was gradually recovering from the effect of the pandemic, which brought hardship upon the life citizens, the Nigerian Youths spark up the #EndSars protest which almost plunge the Nigerian State in crisis and grew into breakdown of Law and Order in some major cities of the country. It also led to killing of People, destruction properties, looting goods,etc.

To some extent, Nigerians has not experienced these kind of Tragedy that is very difficult to manage with their own personal resources.

*Chikezie Justice*


Nigeria’s Vision 2020, And It’s Tragic Turn Out
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