“No difference between butt implants and fixing nails” – Actress Uche Elendu


Popular Nigerian actress and television personality, Uche Elendu took to her Instagram stories to express her concern at the rate people are quick to judge those that engage in butt implants and other forms of liposuction (plastic surgery) but yet they fix their nails.

She revealed that she sees no difference between those that fix their nails and those that take further steps to get a body enhancement done.

She wrote;

“There’s absolutely no difference between a lady that fixes her nails, lashes, makeup, etc and a lady that got a nose job, the body works done without implants, they are all body fixes and have potential risks and of course benefits. Hey!!! just make more money and gather liver and stop hating on someone’s choice to use her money to remain comfortable in her body.”

Har Yin Kah: You can decide to stop fixing nails
Buh can you decide to remove d silicone😏😏😏😏
Be deceiving people there🙄
Motivational speaker everywhere 🚶🚶🚶

Olohi Ovubude: When u fix ur nails,and u get tired of it,you can pull it off,aunty can u pull the Ass you re telling God e never knew what e was doing,or can u pull the bomps dat u don’t want it anymore,listen to yourself and have sence…..

Mercy Richard: Says who? nails u can remove it anytime anywhere without any problems but u can’t remove ur invented yash

Adaobi Ejiofor: I know very well who you are referring to Anita Joseph how can yu be these dumb how can you compare fixing nails with implants what is in fixing of nails bikonu

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Chikabire Ngonadi: Then u re a big olodo
Butt implant will be there like forever while nails will be off at anytime

Just stop trying to justify ur colleagues life style with a normal things ppl do

Aza Man: There’s huge difference between butt implants n fixing of nails

Butt implant is very expensive weda done by a professional or by a quack n if it’s done by dr Anu u will pay huge money n still suffer leaking yansh, struggling to get back ur former yansh u thought was useless n at the same time fighting to get back ur normal life because she’s not a preacher of love while fixing of nails are very cheap

U can decide to stop fixing nails without harm nor spending of money but as for butt implants if u decides to remove it u will spend more money n look more horrible than before n if it’s done by unprofessional might lead to death or more health threatening issues but stopping nails fixing leads to none …

Uche it is so painful to b answering uche as a name n yet have no uche…

Uche without uche is a waste of name 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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