“No man gave it to me” – Woman who once took to the streets with a cardboard to beg for job, builds herself a house at 31


A woman, identified as Ibubeleye Mcdonald, has stunned the world with her grass to grace story after she built herself a house at 31.

Ibubeleye, a PHd holder, took to the streets of Port Harcourt in 2016 to beg the state and federal gvernment for a job.

She employed the unconventional approach because she was desperate for a job and her story made headlines at the time. However, she said the government didn’t give her a job.

Fortunately, she eventually got a teaching job in a private school that paid N80,000 per month. Shortly afterwards, she was introduced into Forex trading and bitcoin, where she claimed she made her fortune.

She took to Facebook to share her story and shared photos of the newly built house, which she said she built herself, without the financial aid of any man or woman.

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Divine Wisdom: Haters will still not believe because they sees such as a show off to intimidate people instead as a testimony to montivate and challenge them to stop waiting for job rather than to believe in themselves

Michael Francis: I think this stingy men association of Nigeria has made alot of ladies to sit up.

Ladies now fed for themselves.
The rate at which ladies are now looking for job is on the increase.

I know Feminist will be happy about this development, but it is what it is.

Blessing Olokor: Is that a belly pump I’m seeing? Whereas she said no man helped her…hmmm odiegwu

Augstin Udochukwu: Aunty, congratulations. But we’re not there to know if na man or monkey gave it to u. So since we don’t know, wouldn’t it have be saner on your part if you had quietly celebrated your house without raising dust?

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Na so your inferiority complex take reach?

Israel Astral: Was a man supposed to give it to you before? The sole dependence women have on men has made it seem like a woman achieving something on solo is supposed to be one hell of a big deal. Kai!!!

Omoye Okoh: No woman or lady should go and give herself unnecessary sleepless nights over dis post is not everything u see on social media that is true

Vera Onyekwere: I celebrate you strong lady
It’s only someone who has never done something big for herself all by her self with her own hard earned will think twice of how you made it
It requires hardwork, grace and doing what works for you to get there
When you where poor looking for a job no one investigated your poverty now you’ve made it there are here ranting
For any young gal or lady who comes here to say ill believe me your little mindset will never make you go far in life you all believe you need a man to survive
Low mentality will kill some people ordinary to buy phone of 100k u will call your ancestors to support you when you’re not going to use the phone to make 💰 money

Chukwudi Ifeanyi: congrats dear but make it seems as if a lady can’t succeed without a man… You can do more if you keep believing in yourself but I know that one man somewhere supported this project if not building it

Benice Blacker: And it’s only low self-esteem that will make a lady define herself by the standard of men .
Dear ladies you can still live your life without involving men in your expenses and achievement😘😋

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