Ogun State Lockdown: Pregnant Woman in Labour dies at police checkpoint

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Aggrieved youth on Thursday staged a protest in Abigi, Ogun State, following the death of a pregnant woman, Mrs Opeoluwa Waidat Adedeji, at a police checkpoint.

The protesters, who stormed the Abigi Divisional Police Headquarters, blamed policemen manning the checkpoint for her death.

The mother of six lost her life while on the way to hospital for delivery. The deceased was being rushed to the hospital on a motorcycle by two men, when they were accosted at the Sowore River checkpoint.

The police officers inquired why they were not wearing face masks and also not obeying the social distancing order of the state government.

The policemen allegedly delayed the trio on motorcycle, citing the ongoing restriction of movement over COVID-19, but later allowed them to go upon realizing the woman was bleeding profusely.

Adedeji, however, gave up the ghost before getting to the hospital, prompting the angry youth of the community to storm the police headquarters with the remains of the dead woman, insisting that policemen were responsible for her death.

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Azubuike Chinenye: Tomorrow when their generation cannot conceive a child, they’ll say it is the devil but forget that they hurt a soul in the past that is on a revenge mission.

What have they gained now? What?!

Dorren Joseph: The Truth is MOST of Nigeria police MEn are VERY Good… that’s the truth!! I’ve seen where they acted good and still acting good to people….

For me it’s Just individual differences… They have these kind of clowns in every organization,. What will you say about the nurses that allows them to die carelessly right there in the hospital…

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I pray May God Almighty continue to guide and guard our STEPS…. AMEN

Chiamaka Jennifer: This is why they should stop recruiting illiterates. This is what we get when we decided to give uniform to those who can’t even read the information contained in a driver’s licence. Stupid set of people. Police is your friend my foot. May her blood be upon all of you who are involved in this wicked act. I am feeling hurt right now.😭😭😭

David Oche: When the police men in Lagos are receiving praises for helping a pregnant woman to the hospital and having safe delivery, ogun state police were busy interrogating a heavily pregnant woman for not wearing face mask, policing is the best way to serve humanity and if that purpose is defeated then you are not worthy of the uniform and shouldn’t be called a police man or woman.may her soul and the unborn child rest in peace,,, God heal this country of too much ignorance

Ifejika Chikwado: This is inhuman….

In America, a police man helped a pregnant woman to deliver at checkpoints cos she was in labor and can’t made it to the hospital, today he is a hero…..that’s orientation and the education he undergoes…

But in Nigeria, we employ both repented criminals, anybody that can barely write his or her name as police, without proper orientation. Police shouldn’t be anybody’s work.. they should be educated and train to know the law, the common law and natural law of humanity….

Just look at what illiteracy has caused and the Nigeria police force will find a way to defend them…..

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Justice must be served…RIP to her, and may God console her husband and kids..

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