Ondo court rescues 16-year-old schoolgirl from an Alfa who wanted to take her as his 9th wife . .

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An Family Court sitting in Akure, Ondo State has stopped a forced marriage between Alhaji Yusuf Lateef and a 16-year old Secondary school girl.

According to OSRC, the court presided over by Justice Aderemi Adegoroye, ordered the return of the teenager to her family for proper care and education and warned the Alfa to stay away from her.

Alhaji Lateef had approached one of his members, Mr and Mrs Olasunkanmi, in 2019, when their daughter was 15 years old, and sought her hand in marriage. Despite the girl’s protest, her parents forced her to accept the proposal and a day was fixed for the marriage.

However, the girl, in connivance with her elder brother, Quadri, fled their Ore home on her wedding day and went to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, Akure, where she was sheltered and legal works began to stop the marriage.

The cleric and the girl’s parents were later arraigned at the Family Court for violated Part three of the 2007 Ondo State Child Rights Law. .
The court’s ruling was that the girl be returned to her parents and Alhaji Lateef be made to sign an undertaking to stay away from her as well as ensure no harm comes her way.

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Jacob Shy
They should allow him marry Her
She will definitely kill him when he wants to do the ordopolpol……

Divine Wisdom
Forcefully taking and having sex with a girl without her willingness should be considered a rape case because all these people have wasted alot of destinies because of their selfish desires

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Kelvin Flames
If this one later kill am too everybody wee start shouting that was not the right thing

Wetin even dey for 16years girl body to attract person sexually
Mtcheew 🙄🙄

Bliss Mimi
Nawa oo 16 yrs child abi those family don’t knw 16 yrs is a child abuse abi is bc of long throat for money that made the girls family want to sell a 16 yrs gal to early marriage…That’s y one stab her hubby to death today bc of sex wen they don’t teach dem marital sex but to rush them to marriage bc of their selfish desire 😩💔

Emeka Anya
If them no carry gun for hand them go still carry gun for leg deh find small kids to shot… wetin be this people problem

Hannah Adumekwe
Ninth wife?
This won go follow kill her husband
When will this people learn, not even about religion now it’s common sense.. Have sense pls

Eminent Emmanuel E
Na wetin dey cause am…
If to say them dey circumcise their prick for no go dey push them into marriage anyhow…

Adaobi Lkeorah
U see , the kind thunder way go fire some people still dey do press up for heaven

Chidubem Emmanuel
They did well..9th wife kill am there..
16 years old for that matter..
Wetin merlin no go see for camelot

Steven Benghazi
Quoran said marry only 4 wieves & give them equal love.. this man should be taking to sharia court immediately.. every muslims 1st wife knows their husband must marry 3 other wieves to them.

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Eugene Chinemerem

But someone could actually marry a 16 year old as a wife ☹️☹️☹️…..God come and see what you created oooo….

N Emmanuel Arinze
All this Alfa self to mumu, all they sabi is to 👉👌, no be me talk am ooo, Na person send me ooo

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