Ongoing recruitment at Cowrywise Financial Technology Limited

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Cowrywise is a digital wealth management platform democratizing access to savings and investment products for the underserved and growing millennials in Africa. Joining us means you are part of an interdisciplinary team with a lofty vision of building the next-generation wealth management platform for Africans.

We’re designing tools and infrastructure to help our current 250k users access, start and build savings and investment culture across different asset classes. We envision growing our user base to 10million by 2025.

We are recruiting to fill the positions below:



Job Title: Social Media Manager

Location: Nigeria
Job Type: Full Time
Category: Growth

Can You Help Us Achieve his?

  • At Cowrywise, social media includes but transcends the growth of the social media pages; it contributes greatly towards our overall acquisition and retention goals.
  • As a Social Media Manager, you will play a critical role in defining, developing, and executing our social media marketing efforts, with the secondary aim of contributing to product milestones. You will be confident in your ability to understand and interpret company goals while applying social media solutions to the relevant channels to drive traceable results.
  • While you will be working with a fully skilled growth team, the ability to deliver outstanding results while working with minimum supervision is expected.

You will fit in if you can:

  • Ideate, design and execute social media campaigns that are aligned with the marketing strategy and brand values while working closely with the growth and product teams.
  • Develop engaging and innovative content to promote product-focused solutions and increase brand visibility.
  • Distribute articles, videos and drive product-led conversations across social media platforms.
  • Analyse social media activities with tracking systems to gather relevant data and report to determine efficacy and areas for social media campaign improvement.
  • Consistently analyse Cowrywise’s marketing plans, related to social media to identify weaknesses and make strategic recommendations for improvement.
  • Utilize sound judgement to translate marketing strategies and campaign messages into social media activities.
  • Direct the creation of social-media related videos (Reels, Tiktok, Youtube). Production of videos is not your duty, but the direction is.
  • Write and have content creation skills.
  • Discuss and share basic knowledge about the Fin-tech industry in an easy-to-understand way.

You Should know that:

  • This isn’t an entry-level role. You need to have at least 3+ years of experience in handling social media accounts with a goal towards business growth.
  • This role is beyond posting on social media, you would need to connect your social media to growth.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Note: Share links to your best social media content in your cover letter to have a competitive edge.



Job Title: Data Scientist

Location: Nigeria
Job Type: Full-Time
Category: Engineering

About this Position

  • In achieving our goal of making wealth management accessible to Africans, we work with a lot of data from different sources.
  • We are looking for a Data Scientist who will make these data fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • You will help us analyze large amounts of raw information to find patterns and use them to optimize our performance.
  • You will build data products to extract valuable business insights, analyze trends, and help us make better decisions.
  • We are looking for someone passionate about answering tough questions with data.

You will fit in if you can:

  • Build robust data models, reports, and visualizations to support the business
  • Create predictive models and be familiar with various machine-learning algorithms
  • Identify the needs of the business and product teams, and come up with appropriate data-driven solutions.
  • Identify the required data needed and work with the engineering team to ensure such data is collected and available to produce relevant business insights.
  • Work with the product teams to create new products and features based on derived insights from data.
  • You would have an additional advantage if:
  • You have previous experience in deploying machine learning models to production
  • You have in-depth knowledge about the finance/fin-tech space.

You must have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, Applied Math, Operations Research, or a related field
  • 2+ years of experience working as a Data Scientist and carrying out data analytics.
  • Experience involving using quantitative data analysis to solve real-world problems.
  • Skill and experience in extracting insights from data and communicating such insights to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • A solid grounding in SQL and Python.
  • Enjoy exploring data, building and evaluating machine learning models
  • Excellent collaborative skills and enjoy working with a diverse group of people to solve problems
  • Experience with open-source data science/machine learning, analytics tools, libraries, and frameworks like Scikit learn, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scipy, Tensorflow, etc.
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Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Location:  Nigeria
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description
Can you help us achieve this?

  • We are seeking a growth-savvy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, to drive our growth marketing goals across relevant search engines.
  • At Cowrywise, SEO includes but transcends creating content; it contributes greatly towards our overall acquisition goals.
  • As the SEO Specialist, your results will be obvious. You will define, develop, and execute all search engine optimization campaigns, with the primary aim of contributing to user acquisition and product adoption.
  • While you will be working with a fully skilled growth team, the ability to deliver outstanding results while working with minimum supervision is expected.

You would be a good fit if you can:

  • Analyse SEO keywords for the company’s website and blog and create content that aligns with the SEO goals per quarter.
  • Write excellent and compelling content for the website, blog and page descriptions.
  • Ideate, execute and optimize SEO campaigns that increase rankings in search engines.
  • Monitor daily SEO metrics and optimize performance where necessary etc.
  • Update/optimize already existing content for better search engine rankings.
  • Distribute SEO content across other relevant media platforms/channels.
  • Understanding of WordPress and other content management systems.
  • Consistently analyze Cowrywise’s SEO plans to identify weaknesses and make strategic implementations for improvement.
  • Overseeing competitive analysis of other companies within the industry.
  • Utilize sound judgement to translate marketing strategies and campaign messages into SEO projects.
  • Exude an in-depth understanding of keyword research and data mining tools with a proven ability to use them.
  • Share clear monthly reports and demonstrate measurable results using SEO industry programs, such as Google Analytics, Search Console.

You should know that:

  • This isn’t an entry-level role. 2 – 3+ years of experience in leading successful SEO campaigns is required with a goal towards business growth.
  • Experience in overseeing the end-to-end SEO results of a brand (from ideation to implementation) is crucial.
  • You must have a clear understanding of the technical aspect required for SEO success.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the fintech industry is an added advantage.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Software Engineer (IOS)

Location:  Nigeria
Job Type: Full-time

About this Position

  • We are looking for a skilled Software Engineer(iOS) who will join our team of talented engineers to design and help us to build the next generation of our mobile applications.
  • You should be able to write clean code while maintaining Apple development standards.

Your Role Will Involve

  • Creating and maintaining advanced applications for the iOS platform.
  • Working together with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.
  • Covering your code with unit tests to ensure robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
  • Troubleshooting issues and bugs and improving application performance.
  • Exploring, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

You would be a great fit if you have:

  • 2+ years’ experience of working in an iOS Developer position with a good understanding of the full mobile development life cycle.
  • At least one original iOS application is published in the app store.
  • Significant experience in software development, including work with third-party libraries and APIs.
  • Excellent knowledge of Swift, SwiftUI, Objective-C, and Cocoa Touch. You must be familiar with tools like Realm Swift, Alamofire/Promise Kit, SwiftyJSON.
  • Good experience with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, and Core Text.
  • Good knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures background
  • Close familiarity with software engineering tools, software development methodology, TDD, and release processes is a big advantage.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Software Engineer (Backend)

Location:  Nigeria
Job type: Full-time
Category: Engineering

About this Position

  • We are looking for a Software Engineer (Backend) to help us as we scale out our engineering infrastructure, software, and services. Talk to us if you are interested in a fast-paced environment and if you are passionate about using technology to solve exciting problems.

Job Details
Your role will involve:

  • Working within the engineering team to build new product features and enhancements, while solving some of the most interesting problems in financial analysis, machine learning, payments systems, and infrastructure scaling.
  • Building internal and external interfaces (API) for a diverse set of touchpoints, while also consuming other 3rd party interfaces.
  • Collaborating with product designers, product managers, and the rest of the team to bring to life new experiences for our customers.
  • Working on scaling our backend infrastructure on AWS, including writing automation scripts and technical documentation.
  • Contribute to raising our engineering standards, tooling, and processes.
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You would be a perfect fit if you have:

  • 3+ years of experience developing backend software applications, web or mobile applications, and public-facing APIs.
  • Solid knowledge of writing software in Python. Good knowledge of Django and other Python frameworks will be an added advantage, including experience with caching, queuing, and asynchronous tasks and frameworks.
  • A good experience working with production apps on Linux environments and you’re not afraid of being dropped in front of a shell prompt.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures background.
  • Experience with containers, and container orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Close familiarity with software engineering tools, software development methodology, TDD, and release processes is a big advantage.

TLDR Requirements:

  • Sound Knowledge of Python web frameworks (Django, Flask, Falcon)
  • Working knowledge of Database Systems (Mysql, Postgres)
  • Familiarity with using Linux commands (centos or ubuntu)
  • Familiarity with uwsgi, gunicorn and nginx
  • Ability to use git
  • Good understanding of REST principles and a fair understanding of building RESTful APIs with Django rest framework
  • Familiarity with Oauth2 and JWT Authentication
  • Bonus points for Celery, Redis, Memcache, Docker, RabbitMQ.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Software Engineer (Frontend)

Location:  Nigeria
Job Type: Full-time

About this Position

  • We are looking for a top-notch Software Engineer (Frontend) to help us bring exhilarating engineering experiences to our users across the web.
  • Your work will cut across our internal tools and dashboards; to tools used by our customers.
  • You will work with our designers to bring their designs to life.


  • Implementing pixel-perfect design prototypes for our website, internal and user-facing dashboards
  • Regularly optimizing the frontend code for faster loading, better usability, conversion optimizations.
  • Connecting frontend components to the backend using Restful API’s.
  • Assisting the Growth team in coding various web collaterals, and optimizing user journeys on the website.
  • Work directly with the UX design team to continuously improve our customers (both internal and external) experience.


  • 3+ years of experience in web development
  • Good understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML SCSS and SVG Animations
  • Highly proficient with the JavaScript language and its modern ES6+ syntax and features
  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem, including Vue CLI, Vuex, Vue Router, and Nuxt.js
  • Proficiency with modern development tools, like Gulp, Npm, Webpack, and Git
  • Experience with both consuming and designing RESTful APIs.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Product Designer

Location:  Nigeria
Job Type: Full-time

About this Position

  • We are looking for a top-notch Product Designer to help us create exhilarating design experiences for our users.
  • Your work will cut across our mobile apps, internal tools, and dashboards.
  • You should be able to translate user requirements into beautiful experiences, have attention to detail in creating interfaces, and be adept at understanding how design impacts growth.
  • You’re resourceful and take complete ownership in every stage of the product lifecycle.


  • Work together with product management and engineering teams to translate requirements into beautiful, usable, and realistic interfaces.
  • Participate in all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering.
  • Develop original ideas that bring simplicity and user-friendliness to complex design roadblocks.
  • Prepare wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas.
  • Discuss designs and key milestone deliverables with peers and executive-level stakeholders.
  • Perform user research and evaluate user feedback.
  • Set design guidelines, best practices, and standards.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest UI trends, techniques, and technologies.


  • 3+ years of experience working in a product-driven company preferably fintech.
  • Strong visual design skills.
  • Significant experience with Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, Framer, or other visual design and wire-framing tools.
  • Profound UI design skills with a solid portfolio of design projects.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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General Benefits
If selected, you would have access to:

  • Earn in the top 10% of industry benchmark
  • Working with the smartest and most creative designers and content creators
  • 21 days paid leave and 13th-month salary
  • Fully-funded all-round health insurance
  • 12% employer’s pension contribution
  • An exciting opportunity to network vertically and horizontally with different businesses across the diverse sectors we interact with
  • Free lunch, data allowance, and other additional benefits.




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  8. Customer Service Jobs


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Important Notes

  • The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work to be performed by people assigned to this job.
  • They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.
  • All personnel may be required to perform other responsibilities in addition to those specified from time to time, as needed.
  • We do not charge any application, processing, training, interviewing, testing or other fee in connection with the application or recruitment process. Should you receive a solicitation for the payment of a fee, please disregard it.
  • Furthermore, please note that emblems, logos, names and addresses are easily copied and reproduced. Therefore, you are advised to apply particular care when submitting personal information on the web.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity inclusion. We do not discriminate on grounds of colour, race, nationality, religion, age, ethnic origin, disability, gender, marital status, or sexual orientation in our employment practices
  • Our people are all equally gifted in unique ways: we come from diverse traditions, personal experiences and points of view. And we want to include yours, Are you ready to inspire us with your ideas?
  • We encourage all applicants to apply and does not practice any discrimination in any recruitment process.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Due to the urgency of the position, we have the right to recruit a candidate who matches the required profile before the above deadline
  • Only qualified candidates will be invited for interview

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