“Our country will be better if we start worrying about the source of our people’s poverty same way we worry about the source of people’s wealth” – Yul Edochie


Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has taken to Twitter to advise that Nigerians should stop worrying about the source of people’s wealth.

According to the actor since no one bothers to investigate the source of one’s poverty, therefore no one should worry about the wealth of others.

Yul Edochie opined that the country will be a better place if people live and let others live on their own terms.

“Our country will be better if we start worrying about the source of our people’s poverty same way we worry about the source of people’s wealth”. He tweeted.

Meanwhile, Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has revealed his intention to run for the office of the President of Nigeria in the forthcoming general election in 2023.

Yul said this via a post on Twitter as he asked for.

grace to prepare adequately for the election.

According to him, his ambition is to bring Peace, Unity and Progress to Nigeria. He further added that the youths deserve a chance to fix the nation.

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Celestine Hide: Look at this one ! What could be the source of people’s poverty if not IGNORANCY. People perished because they lack the knowledge they needed to succeed in life and that’s why God gives Pastors. The job of the Pastors is to teach people knowledge, and what’s knowledge ? Knowledge is the collective or sum total experiences you get through God’s processes (JEREMIAH 3:15)

If the Bible could also say that : the poor shall not cease from the land, means that the ones that refused to give themselves to personal development through God’s principles are the ones that are going to become poor.

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People that have refused to discover who they are by exhibiting their talent potentially or that are not ready to follow what the word of God is saying concerning their situations are the ones the Bible is talking about.

If you are born poor, does that means you should die poor ? People refused to go to school, people refused to cultivate the habit of self improvement, people refused to discover their talents and begin to use it, people refused to do things according to the Will of God concerning their destinies, people despised growth and development, people refused to exercise patience by going through their processes in life, people believes the Pastors more than God (Romans 1:25-26)

Now tell me, how do they become Rich ??? You don’t need to worry about anybody’s source of poverty, because they have been told several times that it’s the gift of a man that makes room for him. If you weren’t an Actor using your talent, how do you tend to escape poverty ? You wouldn’t be able to do so because it’s your talent that set a prospect which you work with on a daily basis through the goals you set for yourself everyday using passion, and it’s that passion that produces your efforts and your continuous efforts is what makes your dream come true which is the result you want.

Help me ask the poor people the kind of energy they spread to the Universe everyday. It can only be Negative Energy and they want to become successful in life ? Don’t they know that it’s all about the energy you spread into the universe that gives you the result that you want ? They keep exhibiting Bad/Negative Energy and they want the Good/Positive Universe to bless them.

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They don’t use their talents, they don’t keep good manners, they are not work ethics, thorough and meticulous, they lacks dedication and motivation, they can’t buy books and read it, they don’t read success stories, they don’t go for seminars, they don’t use their cell phones for the right things except chatting and Snapchating, their brains in not functioning the way normal brains is supposed to be functioning, they don’t know how to dream big and actualize the Dream. And they want to escape poverty ? Don’t they know that poverty is a Fiery Forces that needed to be broken using your skills and potentials as tools ?

Their pastors is another major source of their poverty for not telling them the truth about prosperity and it’s because of their own loss if they did. Nobody would want to go to Church again if the pastors should tell them the truth and there may be no Offerings and Tithing again.

Well ! If you want to know the source of people’s poverty, THIS IS IT ! 🧠📌

Abuchi Onuigbo: Somebody died bcos of hunger on his burial day food surplus
What a wicked world

Kirik Izik: The generation we belong today do not care, what they do is foolishly tapping the “grace” of such person when they do not even know whether it came from the 😈 devil of GOD.

Raymond Shittu: Not all rich men get sense, but I’m proud of you cause you get sense. When you are hustling to make it they don’t investigate you until you make it to show your own skills and display🗣🗣🗣

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Onyeze Don: But one of actor are laying lifeless in hospital but none of u what to support him ndi motivation specker

Daniel Adu: That’s what happens in the developed world.

The government does not only investigate the source of wealth, but also the source of poverty.

And that’s why government creates jobs to make sure citizens are not denied the basic necessities of life.

So you are very right.

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