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It’s never a news that we are all witnesses to the epidemics of Corona virus. Anywhere you are or go today, you hear versions of stories about corona virus.

Kingdom partnership is when you have relationship with God. your relationship determines God’s attention to you. The only solution to it is to partner with God.

When you had believe the only begotten Son of God(Jn 3:16) , everlasting life abounds in you. Why will you be affected by Corona when you have corrosive anointing. Let me shock you, has God said you would be a victim of Corona? No. In John 14:26 he said ” I will teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance”. Now and this season is the time we need to be drunk in the spirit. Jesus Christ is the wine you need to partner with. God has kept all things in our favor, mansions are there but always preparing for our betterment (jn 14:1-2). Your partnership with God will give birth to sustainability. After Christ Jesus raised Lazarus from death, why did he not use his hands to loose him?(Jn 11:43-44). We must play our part. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

When you partner with God, concealed things will be searched out as a matter of fact(Prov 25:2). No wonder Paul noticed it on time by saying in Phil 2:10-11 that at His name, knees must bow, of things in heaven and things on Earth and things under the earth. Then what is that VIRUS that is greater than His name. Paul further stated that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is LORD. Any president, Governor and LGA chairman who want to use this season to suffer the people of God must bow. Am certained that Corona virus must bow. I pray that in all this condition we are, what I witnessed at the boundary between Bayelsa and Rivers (Ahoda west LGA)on 28th March 2020, God will use it to reveal things to you and bless you plenty.

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What God told Jerimaiah( Jer 25:11) was what Daniel keyed to in Dan 9:2 to liberate the children of God. Only partnership will reveal this sought. What God told Abraham in Gen 15:13 was what Moses fulfilled in Num 13:1. We have Him now to bring us out of captivity.

It’s well with you as the Lord of host stated in Matthew 16:14-18. You will never be pulled down as you partnership with God Almighty.


Engr Mbata Innocent mnse mnschE.

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