PDP Crisis; Why Wike Wants Ayu Removed

PDP Crisis; Why Wike Wants Ayu Removed


If Ayu goes, will Wike ever trust Atiku Abubakar enough to work for his victory? The answer is a simple “No”
The reasons are not farfetched.
Atiku Abubakar will not also let himself be bruised again after tasting OBJ’s toxins which he is still battling to remove the scars and the hurts.

PDP Crisis; Why Wike Wants Ayu Removed
PDP Crisis; Why Wike Wants Ayu Removed

The simple truth is that Wike is committed to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu based on the return leg of the 2019 match, where his second tenure was eventually made easy after a tough 21 days battle which ought to have sent Wike packing from the Government House, considering the letters of the Constitution.

It was Tinubu and his Aso Rock contacts who made the famous call to INEC when the result from Rivers was declared inconclusive similar to Daniel’s 21-day Fast.

No matter how much Atiku pacifies Wike, the sacrosanct truth is that Wike is fighting back, not against Atiku but his former friend and classmate, Aminu Tambuwal, who it was that scuttled Wike’s near win at the presidential primaries.

It was his moment to take power!
In a twinkle of an eye, all hopes were dashed by a Northern Conspiracy.
It is now Wike’s turn to garner a Southern conspiracy against Atiku and Tambuwal but the centre has refused to hold.
The issues are clear, after the second tenure in office, the Rivers strongman should have gone to the Senate but he preferred the big meat.

With all that hope dimmed, he would rather align with Tinubu who is ready to strike a deal with him rather than mend fences with Amaechi, the one he once addressed as the General of the Commonsense Revolution.

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To him, Amaechi is the wounded lion who may need more time to heal and may not be strong enough to muster the needed support from Rivers and beyond.
Tinubu and Wike both know that Rivers APC members including those who defected to PDP or SDP will cast their votes for APC.

Amaechi is not likely going to borrow a leaf from Wike by urging his supporters not to vote APC, knowing that he has a Governorship candidate amongst others to deliver.

It is actually a win-win situation for the APC in Rivers, even if Amaechi is not hailed for the victory in the end.

Two things are critical to Wike now. First, to ensure his protégé Sim Fubara is elected Governor and Tinubu as President. These guarantee his protection from probes and grant him perpetual immunity until the next government.

The Rivers Governor is smart but he must learn from the experience of Rochas Okorocha who would have sacrificed his Senatorial ambition for his son-in-law to become Governor.
Uche Nwosu would have had him protected better than a Senate seat which has no immunity.

There are times when one needs to seek God’s wisdom to find direction, and this is one such time.

I hope Wike finds direction.

© Oby Ndukwe

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