Peruzzi replies a follower who said ”school is a scam” because he ended up as a musician after studying to be a medical doctor

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Peruzzi jumped on the #DecadeChallenge by sharing a photo of himself dressed in scrubs at the start of the decade and another recent photo showing the number of streams on his music.

Peruzzi, who is now an established singer, revealed he wanted to be a doctor.
He added: “At some point I really wanted to be a doctor. Don’t know how I turned a Marlian. Thank God sha.”

A follower replied, writing: “God no go shame us o My nigga really practiced medcine!!!! And person tell me say school no be scam? Or i no follow my passion?? Lmaooooooo

And Peruzzi responded thus : “School no be scam.”… “No genius never failed.”

See exchange below ;

See comments and reactions:

Ikejiaku Stanley: School prepared him to be where he’s today. One musnt practice what he or she studied.

Smart Funds: School is a scam but education is not ,these are the things we’re getting wrong ….you can acquire education anywhere

Isichai Alex : School is not scam. It just exposes you to a process of solving problems and also helps to exercise your brain. Some find ways of solving problems without going to school. All of them are good.

Ayofayowa David: School na scam
Tell me why accountants are not rich and while maths teachers are poor? If school no be scam?

Isdone May: School is not a scam.
But it’s only in Nigeria that made school look like it’s

Uzorma Nwobodo: School no be scam. It is just that he couldn’t remember what he studied 😏and he decided to go for the easier one.

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Comfort Brownson: Now adays who school help? Even Regina Daniel no finished school but she passed some people were go school.abey make man pikin rest jare i can’t come and kill myself,if school work for you just thank God

Ogbuefi Immaculate Chidinma: School is never a scam.

It is scam for those who never had the opportunity to attend it.

The knowledge I gathered in school is what I used to.achieved my fashion success.

Being educated is never a waste of time.

It will give you chance to welcome a lot of opportunities.

That you left your discipline to something else never made you a failure.

Dont forget ,what we want to be might actually not be what we are destined for.

I studied to be a great psychologist and Educationist but I ended up becoming a fashion Designer.

All are knowledge and it is never a waste.

Moses C. Jackson: If not for that school is it not sakara,awurebe, palmwine joint musician him for be or abi is it not school that taught him the language he uses in putting lyrics together??

Matthew Igbokwe: School isn’t a scam…If you really know WHY u went to school it will open doors for you, it must not be through what u studied, but it will be a path way to your success

Ogbaka Evans Chidinma: School nobi scam
Everybody that went school must not be successful ofcos majority are living fine today cos they are educated
Pls if you are not intelligent DNT go and waste your time in higher intuition, just attach your self to something else
Las Las higher education is not meant for everybody but for those with the brain .

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Sharon Nwachi: School na scam yes we know but no matter how you see we all need it, get the papers then you can pursue your career, the certificate gives you voice in whatever in every aspect of life

Fortune Ebizie: My dear for Peruzzi side school nor be scam imagine my eldest brother after studying in uniport coming out with 2nd class upper now his a driver

Tochukwi Igboanugo: School looks as if its a scam cos our government has failed we d graduates…. No work/employment after graduation. The thing come now look as if people wey do apprentice and settled by there boss are now better Dan graduates… It baffles me wella… I no go lie oo

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