Peter Okoye says he aged backward after splitting with brother Paul

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Peter Okoye, a former Member of defunct Music group, Psquare, is trending on Twitter, not because of a new song or album but for a post he shared on the micro-blogging website.

Mr. P, as he’s now referred to, took to his Twitter page where he tweeted about aging backward since becoming a solo artist.

In his words ;

“By the way! Did y’all notice since I went solo and became Mr P I started aging backward…its called PEACE OF MIND and drinking more water and minding my business. Can you beat that? More of it biko. Mr P still trending on Twitter”.

He however, deleted the post a few minutes after.

Paul and Peter Okoye were Nigeria’s biggest musical group up until they had the famous fight and went their separate ways. However, that split didn’t transition easily as they called each other out for months.

See post below;

See comments and reactions:

Tovia Amaka: Both of you are my brothers but honestly Peter, you’re too childish…unfortunately you’re older….

Agbo M Agbo: Keep on aging backward and let ur brother keep on Advancing forward financially and musically

Michael Ejindu: We don’t care! Stop taking us back to something we have already forgotten.

Shedrach Da Monarch: From his words tweet and songs you would definitely conclude that he is seriously gasping for air…

Adeyemi Otosanya: He shouldn’t have mentioned his brother in this, he should have said he aged backward since few months back…

I no dey like this kind thing, I still love you Mr P. I know and I pray that one day you guys will settle ur differences…

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Ifeanyi Umezi: Guys, do you people know that I can’t differentiate between them. Most times I rob Peter to pay Paul.

Sulaimon Ayomide: What can cause that kind of a fight that you will have to age backward with your twins brother what if he is someone else son what will you do

Jide Rex: You guys should come back abeg…
I don’t wanna support Peter in his split with Paul cos I love them both. But, of a truth, Peter looks young and fresh these days.

Ujunwa Olivia: Slay queen, since you both split, your brother has never come to social media to say anything about or against you, but what you lack in talent, you made up for it with gossip.

Josse Annie Akpabio:
I am tired of the both of you, please you guys shouldn’t bring this nonsense to 2020 we will not take it kindly

Sylvia Sylvia: even before now, we have always known that Paul is the dancer and Peter is the singer…..

Oluchi Okeke: Why hav you been the only one throwing tantrums since the split? It simply means that you are affected by it and regretting your action,but pride won’t allow you to go to your brothers and make peace

Gorzie Henry: I hope his personal music is not ageing backwards sha… I think they’re better together oh. But God bless their individual efforts.

Evabeauty Okoromah:
U are too childish, always talking down on ur own twin brother, what he has never done to u. Pls have a change of mind set.

Susan Matt: Why have you been the only one talking since the split up?
If you miss your brother, throw pride away and reconcile with him…😒😒

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Amaka Queen: Your pride is too much Mr man…. Na only dance you sabi dance, your brother has been the one singing all along. You guys should try and make peace.

Godstime Iyayi: It’s pride that is doing this man. Your brother has never come to social media or grant any interview where he’s insulted you or your family. But that is what you do everytime.
Na only dance you sabi dance, your brother sabi sing pass you, the split just made us know the plain truth.

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