Pregnant teenage girl commits suicide after being beaten by her father in Nasarawa

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A 14 year old secondary school girl, Anita Haledu Ibrahim, has allegedly committed suicide in Angwan Dorowa, Gbuja village, Andaha, Nasarawa state.

The Nation reports that Anita who is a student of Government Science school Andaha near Akwanga, took herbicide to kill herself on Saturday, July 11.

According to sources, Anita was impregnated by her boyfriend who she met in Andaha during the COVID-19 lockdown.

They became intimate and she got pregnant. Anita informed him she was pregnant with their child and he initially fled the village to Abuja but after her parents made contacts with him, he accepted the pregnancy and also showed interest to marry her.

Anita however decided to take her life after her father, Haledu Ibrahim, beat her up over the pregnancy. She took the herbicide on Saturday and was immediately rushed to a hospital in Akwanga where she died in the early hours of today July 14.

See comments and reactions:

Victoria Hassan: Beating doesn’t solve anything plus no matter how much u talk to our young ones now abt d right path; who go still follow d wrong path go follow, it only takes d grace of God

Atem Agatha: My dear what were you expecting?
They should hug you and kiss you because you got pregnant at 14?
Whose father does that?
Was that the reason he sent you too school? To bring disgrace to Them?
Every father would react such way
You got pregnant, be prepared to face pains, suffering and shame
It all depends on what killed you
RIP, at least he didn’t beat her to death
You choose death,
Those people reacting I hope at 14
When ur child get pregnant I hope you Praise and pet her because she won a Medal.

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Azizat Abiodun: So sad,death shouldn’t have be her best option,the man would have tried to control his anger,I can see why some don’t abuse their daughter much when this kind of a thing happened,rip to her

Solomon Obianuju: He was disciplining his daughter….. Cos if na daddy will shoot me even before I think of suicide 😥😥😥

Maybe she has thought about the shame, mockery and probably won’t continue sch…
Suicide ain’t still the way…
Highest 3 months dem go talk forget ur matter…
You bear ur child and move on.. so sad 😪
Rest on young soul…

Symply Nma: African parenting is getting worst by d day
Not everything calls for beating, she is already aware that she has disappointed her parents
She commited sucide due to d tongue lashing she got from her parents and relatives
Not everyone is strong enough to handle depression
Depression is something that should b added to school curriculum
There are other ways to make ur children see their wrongs, that’s y with d discipline in Nigeria crime rates are increasing everyday and anyone that commits a crime don’t even feel remorse for doing that

Jude Okoye: In every bad situation we find ourselves, the devil is always there to give one of his terrible advices. The father’s reaction and the girl’s decision was a work completed by the devil.

Ukaigwe Chiaugo: With things happening nowadays, I pray my daughter doesn’t see herself in such case, if am the first to know omg I will bring in a legal adviser if my sanity won’t be enough, huh knows if the man is involved, cos I wonder why a 14 years gal will come up with suicide

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Bukola Queen: Sad but the parents should have consider the bad feeling she had after knowing she’s pregnant and the because.of the bad society and influence of sexual money because of poverty. They should have talk to.her and let her burden of thinking

Beauty Efemena: The father didn’t commit any sin for beating the girl.. she was just chidishly foolish. Besides fools hate correction.. do you know how many beatings I received from my parents while growing up? Even wen I became an adult they did reset my brain with slap.. everyone is here blaming the dad, even those dat can’t tolerate that from their children are pretending now.. this is Africa, African parents don’t pamper mistakes. She will regret her decision in the after life, and realize her father’s love

Uka Augustine: If the parents has beating her in a godly manner i don’t think she will be seeing suicide as an alternative measure to end her mistake…
Parents must be careful with the choice of words that come out from their mouth while beating their wards….
May God help us the parents to train up our children in the way of the lord…Amen.

Jonathan Zino: I can see virgin Mary (s) typing her father did the right thing and I can also see jesus(s) with common trash but y’all should acknowledge his mistake is not correctable and it is not by beating you’ll be called a father a man is someone who can hold things as it’s hot not who can fire back at flame instantly, it is who can wait till the flame went down b4 he take the right direction.

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