Quick and easy remedy to body odor

E be like say our summer hot pass eba, but Las Las that no be excuse make person dey smell like Hausa goat. Body odor is a major turn off for anybody, how you can take form OG if you dey smell like ogiri?

There are several things you can use to get rid of body odor in the comfort of your home. Lemme list a few

This one you go cut am into two and apply am for you armpit and, any other place wey sweat dey comot for your body wella. Make sure you squeeze a little juice as you scrub. I advice you do this when you’re ready for a bath, after washing with soap, you scrub with the lime and let it soak in for about 5 mins before rinsing off with clean water.
Take a pad of cotton wool and soak up some vinegar and apply over those areas wey you dey sweat pass. Vinegar dey help balance your body pH and it kills any bacteria that produce that foul odour.

Baking powder
You fit use this one like powder, just put am under your armpit and I between your toes. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of water and spray daily for armpit. Make sure to let the area dry before wearing your clothes so e no go dirty your cloth.

These things won’t cost you a dime to acquire. And they are all very effective. This one still no mean say deodorant and perfume no follow. But you should know, that odor is caused by bacteria and these things will kill the bacteria and not suppress it like a deodorant would.

Quick and easy remedy to body odor
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