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The President General of the Initiative for Transparent Strategy and Good Leadership, Chizy Enyi Esq, has condemned the social media publication by Sen. Magnus Abe wherein he accused the Hon. Minister for Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and other APC Chieftains of sponsoring attack on some persons who wanted to impersonate the leadership of APC in Asari Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State.

“The information available to us, has it that APC members in Asalga never met on the said date as alleged by Sen. Abe and we wonder how the attack came about”.. Chizy stated

Chizy Enyi Esq, said that it is on record, that Inimasia West Esq, is the current Caretaker Committee Chairman of APC in Asari Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State as appointed by the Caretaker Committee Chairman of APC Rivers State, Abbot Isaac Esq and at no time did he call for any party meeting in Asalga and anybody who impersonate him, does so at his own risk because impersonation on its own, is a crime and if Sen. Abe is telling the Public that Godstime Ben Horsfall, impersonated to be the LGA Caretaker Committee Chairman of APC in Asalga, then we call on the security agencies to mobilise to action immediately.

“Our worry, is that Sen. Magnus Abe is a Senior lawyer who knows the SERVICE PROCESSES OF COURTS IN NIGERIA AND HE OUGHT TO KNOW THAT BEN HORSFALL IS NOT A COURT BAILIFF AND CAN NOT EFFECT SERVICES OF COURT PROCESSES ON ANYBODY INCLUDING THEN GOVERNOR OMEHIA. His allegations that it was Ben Horsfall who effected the service processes of the court proceedings that made Amaechi the Governor of Rivers State, is a blatant lie beyond human imagination “..Chizy further stated.

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The general public is aware, that during the 2011 general election, the good people of Asari Toru Constituency ll, never wanted Ben Horsfall to represent them in the Rivers State House of Assembly. Ben Horsfall alleges that they hated him because his mother is from Ikwerre and he has spent most of his life’s in Ikwerre land which made him to speak more Ikwerre than Kalabari. Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi who was the then Governor of Rivers State, pleaded with them to allow him, just like he did for Sen. Magnus Abe to become a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Despite been an Assembly member, Ben Horsfall retained his contract with Braithwaite Memorial Hospital with the company he recommended which had a running contracts for six years of the Amaechi administration and Sen. Abe have no moral justification to talk ill of Amaechi.

“Sen. Abe’s turn around statement that Amaechi started the crisis in Rivers State before the 2015 general election is an after thought that is not capable of convincing a day old baby. Will it be correct, that Abe pretended and staged managed his shooting as alleged by Gov. Wike? Will it be correct that Sen. Abe set his Constituency on fire by himself and alleged that it was Solomon Ndigbara who Abe alleges was sponsored by Gov. Wike? How about the Don Wanny factor in Onlega?
Who will believe Sen. Magnus Abe again?”.. Chizy Enyi Esq queried.

It is obvious, that Sen. Magnus Abe is consistently fuelling crisis in Rivers State APC with the help of Gov. Wike. If Sen. Abe is A MAN ENOUGH, let him stop hiding, using other peoples names to cause crisis. Let him institute action in court with his name like Igo Aguma did.

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Chizy Enyi Esq, however, appeal to the Caretaker Committee Chairman of APC in Rivers State, Abbott Isaac Esq, to immediately petition to the police to arrest and prosecute whomever that will further impersonate to be acting on the instructions of Sen. Abe as Chairman of APC in any ward or LGA in Rivers State that was not appointed by him.


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