My attention has been drawn to the above captioned write up wherein the Author copiously referred to my Press Statement of December 30, 2020 and in no unmistaken terms, the Writer unsuccessfully attempted to mischievously tilt the narrative towards achieving a collision course between me and my Party (the APC) on the one hand and the entire Judiciary in Rivers State on the other hand.

I do not see any sense in, and do not intend to dwell on the absurdity of Rtd. Justice G.O. Omereji’s judgement in the Dele Moses’ case which the Writer appears to relish so much over with emphasis that a Judge worth his onions could hold that persons who were interested in contesting Party offices in 2018, must whether they are dead or alive; or have defected from APC or not; or are still interested in Party offices or not, be the only ones to contest in any future Congress of the Party in the State, no matter in what year it eventually holds!!! I cannot rap my head around such bizarre decision be it in law or in fact. But like I stated earlier, I won’t waste precious time addressing Rtd. Justice G.O. Omereji’s decision which he neither based on law, logic or fact. I must however put the records straight that Hon. Kelechi Nwogu, a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, was not the Judge in the Ibrahim Umah’s case as the Writer would want us to believe. Such telling slip can only occur when a Writer writes from a venomous-vengeance-driven background, he’ll hardly realise when he betrays how entrenched and conversant he has become with the machinations and manipulations of the Judiciary by the Governor of Rivers State and other co-conspirators.

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For the records, there is no amount of sophistry that can change the indisputable fact that there is just one All Progressives Congress (APC) headed by His Excellency, Governor Mai Mala Buni and that both the National Secretariat of the Party and the Court of Appeal have spoken loud and clear on who is the Caretaker Committee Chairman of the APC in Rivers State. The issue of “faction” therefore is merely in the imagination of the Author and his co-jesters. In the same vain, no amount of grammar can change the fact that some Judges/Judicial Officers in Rivers State are bad and corruptly available to do the hatchet job for the Governor of Rivers State against the APC for every and any conceivable suit, no matter how senseless such suits may be.

As a Party, we will not relent in naming and shaming such bad Judges to save the faces and names of the majority of good, sound and outstanding Judges and Judicial Officers in the Rivers State Judiciary. The Writer must be told that our determination to employ every legal means at our disposal to bring to justice Judges who have become tools in the hands of the Writer, enabled by the Governor of Rivers State, is no fluke and not a mere threat. Every erring Judge or Judicial Officer must be made to answer for his transgressions.

In saner climes, this Author ought to consign himself to the back seat in matters concerning the Rivers State Judiciary for at least ten (10) years as a self-cleansing measure given his pedigree and recent antecedents particularly when he held sway as the Chief Law Officer of Rivers State.

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Evidence of the Writer’s term as an ineffectual Chief Law Officer of the State is found in his inability and manifest negligence to provide the necessary link between the Bar and the Bench. The net effect is the complete breakdown of communication of policy between the Executive arm of the Rivers State Government on the one hand and the Judiciary (Bar/Bench) on the other. His tendency to play to the gallery accentuated a crisis that could have been better managed. Disconnected from critical stakeholders in the State Judiciary, including Judicial Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN), he left the Administration he served at the mercy of political mercenaries bent on rubbishing both the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Governor at whose pleasure he served Rivers State as Honourable Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice. The facts are on the Street till this day that one of the best Governors in Rivers history was successfully blackmailed by the opposition to the point where he is perceived as an enemy of the Judicial arm of the Government of Rivers State. Unfortunately, the Writer, – like the typical bad workman – quarrels with the Appointing authority for the consequences of his recklessness and ineptitude instead of taking full responsibility as the gatekeeper of the Constitution. If the Nigerian Bar Association elects to punish him for behaviour not in tandem with the traditions of both the Bar and the exalted office he occupied, I enjoin him to look inward and not resort to schemes designed to further blacklist Amaechi and whatever interests he represents before the Judiciary.

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An obviously self-contradictory Writer had in one breath acknowledged the judgement of the Court of Appeal which came down very hard on Rtd. Justice G.O. Omereji’s infamous judgement and nullified the foisting of Igo Aguma on the APC and in fact went ahead to strongly uphold the power of the Party to appoint a Caretaker Committee; and in another breath, the same Writer acknowledges Golden Ben-Chioma as “Deputy” Caretaker Committee Chairman!!! It is left to the discerning reading public to judge the extent the Writer could go in showing disrespect, ridicule and insincerity to the Court.

The APC must strongly warn the Writer and all those who persist in disrespectful conduct or pronouncements against the judgment of the Court of Appeal giving further legal backing to the appointment of the Rivers APC CTC which I head, of dire consequences of their recalcitrant behaviour which is capable of disrupting public peace and breakdown of law and order in Rivers State.

For as long as the Rivers State Governor continues to place State institutions at the beck and call of political renegades and provide lush and humongous cash to commercial politicians to the detriment of human capital development, the Party will continue to expose them to the good people of Rivers State and the entire World.

The aphorism that “the evil that men do lives with them” applies with equal force to Judges even in retirement.

Isaac Abbot Ogbobula
Chairman, Caretaker Committee,
APC Rivers State Chapter.

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