“Real men give babes money and not the other way round” – Willie XO shades Ike for demanding money from Mercy

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Nigerian born London singer, Jocey Joseph Ekwuazi, popularly known as Willie XO has thrown a shade at former big brother Naija housemate, Ike Onyema, for demanding money from his lover Mercy Eke, if she wants to end things with him.

Last weeks episode of Mercy and Ike show saw Ike requesting money from Mercy saying; “If You Want To End Things With Me, Pay Me Off”.

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Gold Abigail: We know say this Ike nor love Mercy na just way to dupe this girl e dey find.. Mercy on the other hand is confuse bcos of gbola

Ann Egbu: Desperate Agama is willing to sell her father’s land, marry herself and give to Ike, as long as Ike is willing to stay with her😂😂. Is that one LOVE? Time will tell, when she’ll blast Ike to return everything she’s invested in him. A real man would do anything to get a woman he loves, not the opposite. Ike knows when he’ll get up and go😭

Chika Thec: Gbas gbos!
In the other news I heard oga said she should pay him off if she’s ever done with him.

We have always known that they are doing this their love for the TV…nothing real there.

Efoli Fredica: I love people in brekete kingdom because We don’t go after shadows Our queen Tacha is too matured for all this small children drama

Ikanke Ibia: All these lazy and twisted people looking for people who will give them money instead of thinking of how to make their own money.

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Quavi Ous: That’s just the way it is.Men are not forced to give money but a real man who loves you wouldn’t be stingy towards your cause. Hope I’m communicating 🙏

Bro shuga: Madooo see as guys dey pursue my fave,unlike some people there so called boyfriend “bestie” is ashamed to show his face in public. I laugh in we are keeping it private 😂😂🛡🛡

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