Reno Omokri Calls Naira Marley The ‘True Fela Of Our Time’


Former Presidential aid to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, has taken to his Twitter handle to praise Naira Marley as he calls him the ‘Fela of our time’ hours after the singer cancelled his protest against SARS .

Read Omokri’s tweet below;

”Naira Marley is truly the Fela of our time. Man not only went to prison and came back but now the Nigerian police is begging him not to lead a protest + having an IG Live with him by 11am. Naira Marley aka The people’s president! Marlians!.”

This is coming after Nigerian IGP on social media urged Naira Marley not to lead the protest that was supposed to take place today, 6 October, as they revealed they are working tirelessly to address the police brutality and unprofessional acts in the country.

See comments and reactions

Bob Okorie: We don’t need new fela.
We need change.
Fela was part of the change,he’s not the change!
Enough bout who is the true fela of our time bla bla bla.

Omooba Adebiyi: He is nowhere near Baba Fela.
Sake of say he dey smoke weed like Baba abi cos he dey fight for G boys??
If anyone is to be compared to Baba Fela, na Either Falz or Eedris Abdulkareem.
It is a very big insult on the late baba 70, IGP call am say dem don make changes him tell una say protest cancel, wetin IGP go tell am before???

Benjamin Austin: People are so dumb and sometimes reason like animals.. naira Marley said he wanted to protest today, fine!! Then IGP called him directly on video and i told him that the youth voice are heard . What do y’all expect him to do again, still lead the protest?? Mumu people and this reasoning

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Onyedikachukwu Paul: Do you know why?
When Fela was so much comfortable with standing behind doors.
One day his lawyer visited him in Prison. He asked are people protesting on my behalf.
The lawyer said everybody moved on with lives and their businesses.
You can imagine the look in Fela’s eyes. betrayal, disappointment. The people he was fighting for forgot him in prison custody. Now y’ lame asses wants Naira to lead you in protest, an ex-convict. No one of you were there during his trials. Idiots

Justin Great: But he later called off the protest… Saying “some police are good, not all are bad”
So what do you make of this?

Favoured Nancy: Naira Marley don’t listen to him o Don’t let over hyping make you do that thing they want you to do o

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