RIVERS APC CRISIS: Concerned Party Member Writes Mai Mala Led Committee, Calls for Ben Chioma, Aguma, Other Impersonators Expulsion

Chigozi Chizy Enyi,
No. 18 Mission Road,
Mgbuitanwo Emohua,
Rivers State.
15th January, 2021.

HE Mai Mala Buni
National Chairman,
Caretaker Committee/Extraordinary Convention planning Committee,
All progressives Congress(APC)
#40 Blantyre Crescent Wuse 2 Abuja.



Your Excellency Sir, I write as a member of APC in Unit 11, Ward 4, Emohua, Emolga, Rivers State and I hereby state as follows;

That if my choice of words sound’s rude, pardon me if you think so because I am writing as a bittered member of APC in Rivers State.

That it is obviously obvious, that the National Caretaker Committee led by you have surreptitiously unofficially appointed Golden Ben Chioma Esq as the Caretaker Committee Chairman of APC in Rivers State despite the official appointment and subsequent inauguration of Barr. Isaac Abott Ogbobula as the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee in Rivers State by you.

That the conspiracy of the National Caretaker Committee with Sen. Abe, Igo Aguma, Golden Ben Chioma Esq, Worgu Boms Esq and others to further frustrate the Rivers State APC from having peace, was exhibited in a letter dated 23rd December, 2020 titled RE. PURPORTED SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION OF MEMBERS OF THE PARTY IN RIVERS STATE.

That after the reappointment of Barr. Isaac Abott as the Caretaker Committee Chairman and the subsequent Court of Appeal judgment setting aside the judgment of Justice Omereji which empowered Igo Aguma to act as Chairman of APC in Rivers State, Hon. Golden Ben Chioma started parading himself as the Acting Chairman of APC in Rivers State thereby impersonating the office of APC Chairman in Rivers State and Challenging the decision of the NEC of APC. I am astounded and perplexed, that there has not been any disciplinary actions taken against this act of gross misconduct against this IMPERSONATOR.

That Hon. Igo Aguma recently addressed press saying that they have 56 cases to be filed against APC. In the same vain, Worgu Boms Esq, also addressed press saying that they have opened a litigation account for the purpose of filing cases against APC contrary to the decision of the NEC. Despite these actions against the party they claim to be members, the National Caretaker Committee has remained silent as if the party does not have disciplinary measures on serious misconduct.

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That because of the pending cases at the Court of Appeal on the Local Government election in Rivers State, the Caretaker Committee Members, stakeholders and other members of APC in Rivers State, took a holistic decision not to participate in the forthcoming Local Government election which have been formally communicated to the National leadership of APC. But the IMPERSONATOR GOLDEN BEN CHOIMA and Sen. Abe addressed press separately stating that APC in Rivers State will participate in the forthcoming Local Government election. Information available to me, has it that the National Caretaker Committee of APC have also given approval to members of APC in Rivers State not to participate in the said election. The worst of it all, is that the CONSPIRATORS have commenced sales of nomination forms to defraud the gullible ones who they intend to deceive thereby making mockery of the National Leadership of APC and turning the party into a fraudulent party as though they are above the party.
What a show of shame in politics and leadership, yet the National leadership of APC have pretended they are ignorant of all these actions of those good for nothing members of the party or is it a conspiracy theory to undermine members of APC in Rivers State.

In view of the above, I, wish to demand an answer to the following questions;

1. What will be the much benefit of APC National leadership as they continue to conspire with those who do not want APC in Rivers State to be in peace and participate in future elections? Truly, there is more to the conspiracy.

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2. Are there no more disciplinary measures against those whose actions amount to serious misconduct as the case at hand? If yes, then why EXPEL HILLIARD ETTA.

3. What have we as APC members in Rivers State done that the National Leadership does not want our existence?

4. Is it correct to say that SEN. ABE, HON. IGO AGUMA, IMPERSONATOR GOLDEN BEN CHIOMA, EMMA DEEYAH, WORGU BOMS AND FEW OTHERS from Rivers State are above the party.

5. Do you really recognised Barr. Isaac Abott Ogbobula as the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee members in Rivers State APC? If yes, why didn’t you have recourse to him before setting aside the suspension of Sen. Abe and others, instead you referred to Sen. Abe as a “revered leader”. What an irony.

In party politics, the decision of the party is supreme. But in the case of APC members in Rivers State, reverse is the case because of conspiracy between some government institutions (judiciary) and disgruntled, disgraceful and self acclaimed party members.

Honestly, I am short of words as tears roll down my eyes because of the pretence of APC National Leadership in the case of members of APC Rivers State.

I awaits your timely response and possibly invitation to defend my points.

Chizy Enyi Esq.

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