Rivers APC Crisis, Igo Aguma lied Against Chibuike Amaechi ~ Ikenda Elechi

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There are reasons I stopped talking about Rivers APC issues on the social media. One is because I realized it serves some people’s interests when these issues occupy the front burner of discourse, if I had my way, nobody would talk about it anymore, at least for now. Another is that unknowingly to us, it provides the much needed political relevance some need to remain afloat. So as the issues are discussed, it provides full time ‘job’ for those who want to ‘defend’ their principal

Thirdly is because the liberation we seek won’t come through the media. That is, the victory that would address the issue won’t be done on the media. Therefore, it makes little sense winning the media war

However, for posterity sake, let’s keep the record straight, in the course of which we won’t belabour ourselves in responding to unnecessary comments

Hon.Igo Aguma said that former Governor Odili did not win the Guber elections in Ubima, Ward 9, Ikwerre LGA during the 1999 general elections. Ubima being the ward of serving Transportation Minister, Chibuike Amaechi. Interestingly, Amaechi aka CRA was a candidate for the Ikwerre State Assembly Constituency and both the Governorship & Assembly elections held same day, even simultaneously.

At the end of the day, CRA emerged victorious and served for 8years. So we challenge Hon.Aguma to follow up his statement with the smallest shred of evidence

Another point is that they say CRA is no longer popular in the State. How they arrived at that conclusion is what I do not know.
The crux of the issue in the party is Congress elections. The party under CRA wants Congresses to hold but those who are ‘popular’ do not want it. One therefore expected that as popular people, they would have been at the forefront demanding that Congress be held so that they can use their popularity to prove CRA’s unpopularity to the world, that’s what popular democrats do

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Thirdly is that I would be lying if I ever say that CRA had ever done everything perfectly. No he hasn’t. He’s only human and making mistakes, consciously or unconsciously is a human attribute. But then, if he ever made a mistake, it was partly to please those who are now forming angels. And such mistake would have been collectively made. So how can they turn around now to blame only him for what was a collective decision? But then, it’s understandable, he’s a leader, as such, must accept responsibility, be it good or bad

Importantly, in the circumstance, does it serve any tangible political purpose focusing only on those likely mistakes? To me, no, so we must look for solutions that’ll bring about success for nothing shuts a lousy mouth as a handsome success

Those who have disagreed with CRA can do well by not making pulling him down the crux of their disagreement, for it appears they’re more interested in destroying him than having success even for themselves

That said, let me end by asking those who own this house to put themselves together and rebuild their house!!!

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