RIVERS: “People are today saying Amaechi is far better than Wike” ~ Princewil Dike

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I read in one of Shakespeare’s works(the precise one taken a flight off the medulla oblongata),that:

“The truth which is buried in the ground will one day sprout like a yam tendril”.

The foregoing axiom is today finding expression in Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi,whose infrastructural renaissance as Governor of Rivers State was hitherto buried in the ground of sinister propaganda by Nyesom Wike.

Amaechi had set a paradigm of what good governance should be through his well thought out policy deliveries.But his only transgression was pitching against his brother,Goodluck Jonathan,which robbed him Presidential mandate renewal.Nyesom Wike being a replica of the Niccolo Machiavellian Prince made a huge political capital of that incident to demonize his chief political benefactor, Amaechi before Rivers people.Rivers people that once sang hosanna to Ameachi began to belch crucify him.Wike availed that anti-Amaechi sentiment to coast to Rivers power cathedral.

One thing is attaining power and another discharging the responsibility of the office effectively cum creditably.As Wike mounted the saddle,breeze exposed the fowl’s rump(Chinua Achebe posited it in Arrow of God that: “Unless the wind blows, we do not see the fowl’s rump).He couldn’t fit into Amaechi’s bogus shoe.Instead,has been desecrating the power cathedral through his grotesque parody of governance.As a result,the once demonized Ameachi has now regained well deserved saintly status.Everywhere you go now,the sing song is:”Amaechi is far better than Wike!”

Rivers people can not wait to see 2023,as they seem to be beckoning on CRA to “Come over to Macedonia and help us”-Acts 16:9.

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It therefore behoves on Amaechi to put Rivers APC together ahead of the 2023!

By Princewil Dike

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