RIVERS POLITICS: “2023, Even Though We Have The Right To Contest As Ikwerre People, We Support Power Shift” ~ Ikenda Elechi

The truth is that Ikwerre people do not have a common clearing house for politics.
Like every other ethnic group, we have people who belong to various parties or power blocks and who pursue whatever interests they have in the respective blocks.

I don’t foresee a time the entire Ikwerre people would sit down to say “let’s vote candidate A or B”. This applies to every other ethnicity too.
Pls do not expect from us what yourself can not give

As usual, people would always politick according to their interests

Next is that I do not agree that Ikwerre people have lost the rights to contest in 2023 or any election at that.The provision of the constitution is clear on this. Even zoning respects individual right as per constitution, so it’s definitely not a matter of losing one’s rights. That is why even though APC zoned its 2015 Presidential ticket to the North, Rochas Okorocha from the South contested.

The point we should rather talk about is the morality of our politics. Yes, some Ikwerres believe they suffered marginalisation in the past, as such, should take our pounds of flesh in the present political circumstance

What this set of persons failed to realise is that our people kicked against what they perceived at that time as injustice. And being that we criticised it, we have lost the moral standing to perpetuate that which we criticized. It’s straight forward.
Injustice can not become Justice simply because we are the ones who perpetuated it.

Fortunately, we know where the majority Ikwerre people belong. They belong to the family that loves Justice, Equity, Mutual existence, accepting & accommodating people of other ethnicities, religions & social leanings.

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As politics and politicking gradually set in, it is very important to remind our Ikwerre people our history as a people who do not seek the domination of others, we rather a people who seek fairness for all men and women.
Our creed, beliefs and values must not be lost on account of power chase.

To the other ethnic groups in the State, we want to assure you that the declaration of the Ikwerre ethnic Nationality in Isiokpo sometime in 2015 supporting power shift has not changed. We call on you to have faith in the power of our friendship and ability to be fair & just, even as we demand the respect that had ensured our life-long relationship.

It is sad to hear threats from certain quarters. Not like we are bothered with such, but we are all humans with the natural human limitations to patience. It is our belief and hope that the voices of reason would drown out those of hate & greed

May God see us all through…

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