RIVERS POLITICS: The Dakuku’s Interview and Matters Arising


Since the last outing of Dr. Dakuku Peterside on Radio Stations in PH wherein he raised questions of how Gov.Wike has managed the Commonwealth of Rivers people for the past 6years, 3 Commissioners from the Govt; Hons.Osimah Ginah, Boye Iyaye and Paulinus Nsirim have all appeared on various Stations without answering the specific questions asked.

We must be reminded that Public Servants owe the citizens the obligation of spending their resources in a manner prescribed by law, not their whims & caprices.

For records, we are forced to remind Officials of the Wike administration issues raised by Dr.Peterside to guide their responses

1. Dakuku argued that the Govt has not employed Rivers people

2. Dakuku argued that there has been no FDI to the State since Wike assumed office

3. Dakuku argued that the Wike administration has never advertised or called for bid on any Contract she awarded as provided in the Public Procurement Act and other enabling laws. The Governor conceptualises, nominates Contractors, awards, values & pays in clear contravention of the law

4. Dakuku argued that the ordinary Rivers people do not benefit from monies spent on the Flyovers & other projects, that at best, the only employ the youths as Casual staff to be laid off when the jobs are completed

5. Dakuku challenged Gov.Wike to tell the people how much their State has received in the past 6years and what is on ground to justify the amount received

6. Dakuku said that the people have been denied their right to know how their govt spends their money because the Govt hides her budget

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7. Dakuku said the Govt does not have policies, that they run on whatever Gov.Wike thinks

Gov.Wike should remember that just as he has the right to public office, the people have the rights to accountability.

Accountability no be crime, no be sin, no be attack

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