RIVERS POLITICS: The Difference Between Amaechi and Wike

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What could be the determining factor about these two duo who has served and still serving in their various capacities as leaders in this great nation?

People can be remembered by either the good legacies they keep and equally the bad legacies too but it will be unfortunate if any leader will be loved to be remembered with whatever negative legacy.

The man Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in his days as speaker and Governor of Rivers state, has built capacity in virtually all spheres of human existence which has helped in improving the living standard of individuals.

Let’s talk about the road network he took upon himself as a necessity to ease the sufferings of the people in the 23 LGA’s in Rivers state which was greatly realised. Improvement of health care facilities which was almost a door to door building in the 23 LGA’s in the state, will I even forget his love for education with the proof of sending our brothers and sisters abroad for scholarship which the current administration led by Gov wike came to be a fifth columnist.

Who has even done what Chibuike Amaechi did when it comes to employment of over 12,000 teachers employed in the state seeing the need to improve the educational standard and to equally relieve some Nigerians of being the stress of being unemployed.

To mention but a few of his good works he has done and still doing.

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Being a leader or a great man, is not by how loud your voice is but by your sense of belonging in the affairs of real happenings with a view to solving the problem.

Gov Wike as the Governor of Rivers state is believed to have not lived up to expectations in all facet of governance. As a governor who owes his people the duty of care by improving the living standard of his people with by creating job opportunities which has been a mirage in this govt of Gov wike.

In the racent time and now, recurrent job adverts by the state government has been seen as what I call a mere footnote where all the job adverts made is seen to be at the surface. At the arrival of Gov wike in 2015, he abolished RSSDA which has so far reliefed some parents the stress of training their children to such standard Amaechi desired they should attain.

Gov wike few days ago has promised free education for students in primary and secondary levels in Rivers state as well as payment of jamb and WAEC fees for students who are due to be beneficiaries of this scheme.

If the state government has decided to do this, what then is the difference between what Amaechi did then(RSSDA) and what wike intend to do now?

Rivers state is bigger than stories that are widely seen as”The more you look, the less you see”. Real governance should be dispensed without any manner of awkward reasoning and unnecessary stories which is never beneficial to the populace.


The fact will continue to speak for itself for those with passion to lead.

~Forum Fred

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