RIVERS STATE: Trans Kalabari Road Small Politics… – Nnana Precious Elekima

DE-TRANS KALABARI ROAD Small Politics… – Nnana Precious Elekima | Kalabari TV

Written by Nnana Precious Elekima

Small Politics of imaginary Kalabari hate, gossiping, blackmail among themselves struck down the Trans-Kalabari road that could have created a twin city of Port-Harcourt across the Bonny River (Abonnema Wharf),

I am not speaking as a Kalabari man but that was the plan laid down by Diette-Spiff, that Odili bought into after appreciating the potential benefit of the project. In-fact that was what the Greater Port-Harcourt plan was, as made by the Spiff regime before the Ameachi regime decided to cut off the riverine areas of the Greater Port-Harcourt Project .

Odili was a peaceful Governor who will go extra mile to reconcile differences, he knew that no condition is permanent and encouraged any reconciliation not for any political gain.

By my facilitation The Late Amayanabo of Bakana , King Keegan Will Braide in one of such reconciliation meetings made the request for the Trans-Kalabari Road for Dr Peter Odili to consider , while mediating between some misunderstanding between some Kalabari leaders and the Dr Odili.

Chief Albert Horsfall made the suggestion to the King, when then King asked what will we demand from the Government, and Chief Albert Horsfall presented that to the King of blessed memory.

Dr Odili granted the request and the contracts were awarded. Unfortunately the project was shot down by the previous administration, when this present Administration came in, I struggled to ensure it was done and suggested inclusion of the Isaka angle, the Governor gave an in-principle approval; I discussed this with most of the principal Kalabari people in the government and they killed it while concentrating on who can be lied against so that they can reduce the number of people who are close to the Governor having 2023 in view, that was and remained the biggest project of my Kalabari brother’s . I am reluctant to blame Governor Wike that he denied the project , at the worst I will say he understood their weakness and took advantage of them.

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They are very bold in self destruction but very fearful to discuss things of common interest.

We Kalabari people were instrumental to the emergence of this Government, I, Precious Elekima played a role none can ignore or erase, but the government will go in 2023 and they will have nothing monumental to show, nothing can be achieved because we specialize in circular firing. Sadly, they are jubilating over the award of internal roads awarded in the old central district of the old Degema Local Government Area.

Wike can set the trap, it is left for you to fall or avoid it. I am happier that my self and Wike disagreed and I walked away, otherwise I would have used my boldness to speak without fear and courage to get everything for the area and they would have claimed the glory.

What is the new project achievement so far: we formed a government together, over N200 billions is being used to construct over head bridges, and Trans-Kalabari road the singular project every Kalabari man hopes as an alternative route could not be achieved.

From the cost made by the foreign consultants before my disagreement with the Governor of the entire job including linking Iwofe, Ogbakiri and Isaka was not up to Fifty Billion Naira including the Arch Bridges.

Yet they cannot achieve it. I see this project beyond Kalabari and expect the technocrats of the Ministry of works, Lands, Economic planing, Finance, Sports, Transport, etc world have advised the Government to know that the project if done could have solved major issues of Land, road, housing, employment, trade and commerce for the state but most importantly the Isaka Sports institute would have been fully realized.

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Kalabari people will leave this government empty handed as their priority remains self destruct. I have to say it before Wike leaves office because they will tell you that it was Wike’s fault.

In this case I will not blame Wike.


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