Scorned Nigerian woman takes over her lover’s account and declares his family dead after discovering he’s married with kids

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A scorned Nigerian lady took over the Facebook account of a married man and declared his family dead after she found out too late that he is married with kids.

Friends of the married man on the social media platform were shocked after a photo of the man’s family was shared via the man’s account with RIP written on the faces of the man’s wife and his three children.

The individual who posted the photo, declared them dead as they wrote in the caption,

“I don’t know what to say. Words cannot describe what I’m feeling. Rest in Peace my dear wife and kids.”

However, it was later discovered that it wasn’t the man who made the post and that his wife and kids are still alive. The woman posting then took to the comment section to give some revelations.

According to her, she did not hack his account but always had his login details because he voluntarily gave it to her. She revealed that the owner of the Facebook account has been her boyfriend in Minna but he lied to her that he was single and never told her he has a wife and kids.

She went on to reveal that she got pregnant for him twice and he made her abort it. The lady added that she’s on a mission to take down his family and make his life as miserable as he has made hers.

She then proceeded to give intimate details of their sexual life.

Read below,

See people’s comments and reactions below;

Eu Wisdom: Some men actually need quarantining. Their brains are covidly sick. Their hearts are practicing social distancing with sense. See how this man has finally pademically put his entire family into unwanted social dilemma.

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Alaribe Pascaline Ijeoma:Y is everyone abusing the women
What about the man. Nobody knows the pain of loving with your whole heart and it turns out you being played.

Maryrie Tee Kay: This girl is crazy ,she shouldn’t have involved the woman and her children were they there when the stupid man was deceiving you? The time you were suppose to investigate 🤔his marital status,esiewu and Star raddler took over your sense then😏

Casy Runor: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A woman can climb any mountain to uplift a man, that same woman can go to any length to pull down a man if she makes up her mind.

Pre Cious: This is what fits some men. She shouldn’t have added the innocent wife and kids. Why deceive a lady when you know you are married?

Favour Ejam: I thought she even killed them.
Thank God she only declared them dead

Kenneth Nkajima: All this married men I don’t just know what is their problem …you have a wife why not make her to your taste not running after single ladies bringing problem to innocent wives.

Mercy Moses: I don’t support what she did but the man is wicked, I can’t even address this girl as side chick the girl is his girlfriend, who know how many years they have been dating and how many suitors this lady might have reject because she thought she was dating a single man, go after the man not his innocent family.

God’stime Iyayi: There is nothing a woman cannot do when angry,that’s why i always tell my guys to desist from doing things that angers their babes.
But what she did was so extreme, after all it wasn’t the wife and kids fault but the man’s fault, yet she still tagged them as dead which is so wicked
If she tagged the man as dead,okay and understandable, but the woman and her innocent kids??.

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Ayike Oge Pee: He deserve it beccause you cant decieve a desperate woman or a woman who gave her all, trusting you. A man should tell a woman am married but here for fun. She will respect your calls or privacy with family

Adaorah Harppiyness: I don’t really blame the girl
Do you know what it means to fall deeply for someone only for you to realise that the person is toiling with your emotions?
Nevertheless, The lady shouldn’t have done such, Tagging the wife and kids dead is not actually nice
She should have left the innocent Wife and Kids out of it, If she had posted the man’s picture and tagged him dead, It would have been understandable….

Edafe P. Arioghor: Wetin concern the wife and children for the matter now?
Kill the man if u want to but leave his family out of it. They were not involve in making u cum a thousand times and abort twice.
So take ur wickedness to the person that offended u.

Patience Akpan: Behaving in the nonsense, young girl u ve got no business with the family but the man that deceived u. Unleash ur anger on him and spare the innocent family.

Osoka Emmanuel Paul: Married men should be transparent to there sidechic. Because if you love your family tell the sidechic the truth, so that she will stay far from your family.

Helen Okocha: I still dont understand why married men cheats. that was how one told me his wife is dead not knowing his wife is my friend wicked men may God forgive them should learn to respect their wife stop messing around must u have sex with another woman? he even went too far and got his side chic pregnant twice even digging her without condoms. na so una dey carry disease go give innocent women at home and all this side chic una no dey investigate before opening legs? Nawa una never taya to dey fuck people husbands?

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Emeto Oyinye: A lot of women are victims of this.Some found out very late.But It’s not late for you to move on with your life.Please keep his family out of this cos they’re innocent.It is best you forget about about him

Maryjane Mbama: She went too far naa,deal with the man personally if actually u are pained, ladies stop involving his innocent family…his wife self catch you with her husband then u will have the real rest in peace on ur forehead..

Nezit Castro: I don’t even blame the woman somehow cu’s men can be wicked and they don’t have remorse they can even still be lying to a woman that they are not married while they already have many kids with the wife at home that’s why you hardly see any married man wearing his wedding ring this days but is we women will be wearing ring around forming married woman not knowing that the husband is busy somewhere denying she and her children for girls outside, one of my girlfriend have fallen a victim of that which I witnessed hmmm what a world we live in is a pity

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