SERIAL KILLING: Despite Warning Signals, Girls Still Hangout and Sleep With Total Strangers ~ Lynda

Gracious David West took 11 lives & paid with only his miserable life.

Maybe if caution was not thrown to the wind, the number of casualties would have been reduced.

Upon the warning signals sent out through the media & every form of communication, girls were still sleeping & hanging out with total strangers, leaving their various homes without telling friends & families where they were actually going to. This class of persons turned up dead the next day.

I hope we have learnt our lessons though the hard way. Women should be careful who they hang out or sleep with. Always tell others where u are going to as ”I dey come” is actually not an address.

How responsible one looks or dresses is not a yardstick to measure their intentions. There are many more Gracious David west in different shapes & forms out there. Let’s be careful as we are in perilous times.

The get rich quick boys & ritualist are also not smiling. They must go back home big or bigger this time as the case may be.

May God help us all.
Happy Sunday my beautiful friends.


~ Lynda Igwe Amadi

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