Serving Councilor in Rivers State Accused of Fraud


A Nigerian lady Alma Frank yesterday 30th December, 2020 went on a popular group on Facebook RantHQ Extension to accuse one Mrs Kabari J. Barivule who is a serving councilor of Ward 4 Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State of defrauding her husband of the sum of 2 million Naira.

Mrs Alma Frank said the contribution is a monthly contribution of two hundred thousand naira for a period of 10 months.

Her post reads;

RantHq Extention,
Pls help as a family that you are here.
The above lady is a serving Councillor in Gokana Local Government Council in Rivers State. My husband got into a monthly contribution of 200k for a duration of 10 months starting from January to October 2020 which sums up to 2million which my husband and others have been paying as at when due.

When it got to my husband’s turn to get his money in October she refused paying him, all calls made to get his money proved abortive as she refused to take our calls and even insults me and my family that we should go to hell that we cant do anything that she runs the government. She managed to pay only 400k and has refused to balance my husband his 1.4m till date. We have contacted the Local Government Chairman she serves in, he hasn’t done anything, we have lots of responsibilities including my children’s school fees and my mothers health to take care of.

Pls help me and i promise to do a giveaway.

God bless you all

Name: Kabari J. Barivule
Position: Councillor representing Ward four(4)
LGA: Gokana
Contribution group of 200k monthly.
Duration: 10 months (January to October)
Total amount: 2 million naira
Phone No: 08033413997
My husband didn’t contribute 200k in October because it was his slot to get his money in October, she only paid 400k in November because pressure was mounted on her and promised to pay the balance of 1.4 million naira which she’s not willing to pay and its an everyday threat and insults.

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Pls help me as i am in tears writing this.

When our correspondent met with Hon. Barivule, she denied the accusation. She said;

My attention has been drawn to a malicious post on a Facebook group called Rant HQ Extension by Mrs. Alma Frank against my person wherein the poster alleged my refusal to remit to pay her husband, Mr. Frank Rogersi his money in a thrift my company runs.

Let me first of all correct an impression. I have neither at any point refused to give Mr. Frank his money nor have I even cut off communication with him.

For emphasis, let me state the following facts:

1. That my company, from January 2020, started the said thrift with about 82 persons in different categories including 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k, and 200k monthly

2. This year’s thrift started smoothly until the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus and the consequent lockdown that brought hardship which led to the withdrawal of 34 persons from the thrift.

3. Mrs. Frank is also a customer of the company and has been paid her money without any issue.

4. As a credit facility, some of our businesses involve money lending (to mostly customers) amongst other things.

5. That Mr. Frank’s contribution (N200,000.00 monthly) was due for the end of October and to receive within the first, week of the next month (November) as it is the usual practice.

6. At the time when Mr. Frank was due to receive his money (N2,000,000.00), the company could not complete the money because of the failure of some other customers (who have received theirs) to keep up with the thrift and other failed loan repayments, including that of Mr. Frank’s girlfriend and baby mama (if I’m pushed, I may go against the company policy to mention their names).

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7. That Mr. Frank understandably requested that part of the money be given to him to sort out an urgent need.

8. That the company paid Mr. Frank the sum of N400,000.00 to add to the October contribution he was supposed to pay to make it N600,000.00.

9. That Mr. Frank’s balance is N1,400,000.00 which was promised to be paid as soon as the company recovers its pending monies from its customers.

10. The company is still gathering the monies that is near completion. As a matter of fact, the money will be completed within a few days despite the setbacks from other customers. A customer that was owing N400,000.00 even paid N300,000.00 on Monday.

11. The company had no intention of owing Mr. Frank till new year (2021).

12. The company also emphasizes that this is the first and only issue of delay in payment due to our challenges since its 3 years of operation.

13. The company hereby regrets the inconveniences Mr. Frank may have encountered in this trying time of the company and accordingly, tenders a sincere apology.

14. However, the company frowns at the attitude of Mrs. Frank toward the CEO, Hon. Kabari Barivule, and the inability of Mr. Frank to control the reaction of his wife.

15. Consequently, the company needs to finish talks with its lawyer to decide the next line of action.

16. The CEO, Hon. Kabari Barivule remains a God-fearing, honest, and reliable fellow. Therefore, Mrs. Frank is advised to desist from tarnishing the hard-earned image of Hon. Kabari and being influenced by political detractors.

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17. Warm regards and God’s guidance through the season are our esteemed wishes.

Thank you.

Hon. Kabari J. Barivule,

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