Seun Kuti Reacts After Govt. Threatened to Close Down Afrika Shrine Over #EndSARS


Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti has called out the state government over threats to shut down the Afrika Shrine over #Endsars movement meeting on the premises.

The son of late Fela Kuti had planned to host a mass meeting at the venue focused on the oppression of the government and its oppression.

Seun Kuti however noted that the government may have succeeded in shutting down the gathering but the launch of his resistance group ‘The Movement of The People’ will still hold.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote;

”So yesterday the government called my eldest sister @yeniakuti and threatened to close the shrine if I hold my event there tmr and also sent a letter to back it up.

“I respect my families decision not to hold the event as is but I will still go ahead with all the other organizations to launch THE MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE tomorrow and start our political resistance to the tyranny of this oppressive regime.

“This is a meeting, just a meeting of organizations and they are basically banning the right of association. Why are they afraid of the people organising?

“What is democratic about this act? The last time we tried to launch the government quickly called curfew and this time they have used threat but you can’t stop the will of the people.  #getthesax #liberationgeneration #wenodoagain #endoppression.”

letter afrika shrine shutdown

See comments and reactions

Mannie Kito: Shrine that has been there for many years,,Nigeria government will leave their jobs and start dealing stupid irrelevant does that’s shrine affect government..create job for graduates,,poverty hunger every were ,,atlist dt shrine is feeding one person,,if they shot it down..poverty rate increase..people work there to get small thing,,

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Banke Olaoye: Just imagine that’s the reason why he and his brother never wanted to participate in the protest in the first place. I don’t know why this Oloriburuku Government are so confused and always acting daft . What a misplaced priority. Watin concern shrine with Police Brutality and Endsars? 🤔

Abiola Laprof: This government will regret. They will know that they can be punished. This time around, all the airport will not be operational. They think their useless dogs they call securities will protect them. Even when soldiers see the war that is beyond them, they will run away. Are bokoharams many as we do? Just minority bokoharams are giving soldiers problems. This time around they will know that there is power in Africa.

Shakur Kastro: They want to awaken the spirit of Fela… believe me Fela would have love to see the zoo burnt down..they killed his mum,they Mazi Nnamdi Kanu mum too..q

Seun Kuti Reacts After Govt. Threatened to Close Down Afrika Shrine Over #EndSARS
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