SHOCKING: Rev. Sister leaves the convent, gets married to a police officer

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Viral photos of a Catholic Reverend Sister who allegedly quit her religious profession to marry an officer

Photos have been shared online purportedly showing a Catholic Reverend Sister who quit her religious profession and got married to an officer.

In photos shared online, the woman is seen posing with her man in pre-wedding photos. Another shows her clad in her habit when she was still a Reverend Sister sworn to the oath of chastity.

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Godwin David: She has been collecting kporon since as a reverend sister..nice move..Don’t get caught up in the bondage of religion..enjoy ur life.u have just one to live.

Dany Onyi: The truth still remains that She was forced into convent to become a rev. Sister ..No doubt

Tivka shammah: Better than doing it behind closed doors,anyone condemning her thunder strike you and your generation.

Cyril Odiegwu: That’s why I respect Rev Fathers and Rev Sisters so much. A call to celibacy no be moi-moi.. I rather become a monk than being a priest who lives and interacts in this 24/7 sinful society with an oath of Celibacy. Kudos to the new family as I call on all of us to pray for ordained Priests and professed Rev sisters.

Anyanwu Kelvin: In the Catholic Church, when a lady takes the initial vows, it takes 10 years from first vow to final profession. During this period of contemplation, she has two potions: to marry or continue with final profession. It is not a new thing. Some actually join the convent to prepare themselves for a holier married life. This is the fact.

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Benedict Nnaji: There’s something about the rev sister u should know… Been a rev sister is not like a rev father
She can quit anytime if she haven’t reach 25years and do her final profession
So after her final profession she likely not to quit..
Like telling God i want to serve you for 10years
After the 10years you can quit and marry

Francis Onyinye: Hmmmmm, she will behave like a Rev. Sister, i pray the man understands her behavior because its not gonna be easy for the man

Ozioma Olive: Her vow is renewable until her final renewal. She can quit or renew it. But with this kind of fresh Bobo, every vow can be broken. Happy married life dear. U deserve to be happy

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