Singer, Bella Shmurda blasts those accepting white man’s religion and still use black power

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Singer Bella Shmurda took to Twitter on Easter Sunday to rant as he slams pastors who accept foreign religion and still use black power.

He goes on his rant that the whites who acknowledged that stealing is bad came to Africa to steal the lands and other resources from the African people.

He further points out other lifestyles and activities that are contrary to what people preached and how these same people act differently on these things.

Here’s his tweet:

“Why would pastor accept foreign religion and still use black power, No you can’t do the two E go spoil

Christianity for prosperity Islam for peace Tradition for life

Same people that wrote Thou shall not steal, Came to our land and steal from us! They said love your brothers as your Neighbor or yourself.. why did they take their brother and neighbors as Slaves!

Independence or Sell Out!? Why sign a treaty for Independence?! They transacted business and call it independence

ow we’re enslaving ourselves! Can your parents afford education In the school your pastors built?

They taught us how to read and write our own language! Our own language is now Vernacular to us! They made it easier for themselves to fool our fathers! Their language is our official language!!

If I ever lie to the world! I can Never lie to myself #HappyEaster

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Sotubo Michael: What ignorance does to the average man is quite laughable. He is quite correct. Never cast a stone at him for telling the truth. But a major blunder in his statements is that “Christianity is a white man’s religion” and that “white men wrote the Bible”. Really? Where are the facts that describe the skin colour of those who wrote the Bible? Absolutely none! While it is commendable to criticise those who claim to be men of God yet are found to store skeletons in their cupboards, he should do his research well. Christianity may not have been brought to Africa in the best of circumstances or with the right intentions but that doesn’t mean that it should be intended as a means to a selfish end in these times. The idiots who brought it to Africa wanted more slaves and they obviously wanted to steal. It is not found that God lawfully instructs people to take things from people who do not ignore His teachings. The people who have suffered in the bible are those who do not observe God’s commandments, not those with melanin.

If religion is a scam, then obviously people who had used biblical standards to lead responsible lives have wasted their time, efforts and energy. So all forms of negative energy should stay far away from Christianity.

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Ezeikel Chagwa: Well, what he says about Pastors using black Power are doing wrong is true.
A pastor is meant to carry light and have nothing to do with darkness. But you see, speaking about what the Bible says, leave that one. The Bible is no respecter of any man’s skin color. Thou shall not steal remains thou shalt not steal from eternity to eternity.

Susan Kola: A white man has never been my standard but Christ is, the commandments weren’t given to us by the whites but God, being a Christian is the best thing that can ever happen to any man. Jesus is so real n this is Easter God bless the church n us all amen.

Everest Walter: Na true talk be this,

Similarly, when white women have fertility issues, they go to hospital and seek for the remedy but when a black woman have the same issue, she will turn church her second home, worshiping pastors and they wives, addressing them as “mummy and Daddy”while she calls her husband by his name ” Romanus”
At the end, pastor will find one lie and tell her, either that her mother in-law is a witch and has blocked her womb or her uncle at the village vows that she will never bear a child,
Thereby creating unnecessary hostile between family members

But na the same white people introduced church to us

The truth be say, Village people dey but most time, infertility could be as a result of other health issues, both from male and female.

Mykelle Udialor; The laws in the bible were not written by this white men. This laws came from God himself to all men black and white. In every gatherings, there is always a Judas who would want to go against laid down rules and laws for selfish gain and satistfaction of their body. Among the whites, the judas among dem choose to go against those laws for their selfish gain. They stole, they enslaved the blacks. But on the contrary, the non Judas citizens amongst the white, who decided to abide by the lay down laws in the bible from God, popularly known as the misssionaries followed those laws, established churches, did everything they could hand in hand with the blacks to stop slavery, brought back restoration to the blacks. If it weren’t for this ones in particular, I guess we would have still been under slavery. But what diff does it make now, when even the black are enslaving a fellow black man, stealing from a fellow black man and so all. God is for all. Not just for the whites. So is the law.

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Abayomy Blessing: I agree with him, i still don’t get why any one will combine Black power with Jesus, kuku pick a side and stand by it. Meanwhile, kindly note that There is a path to light, and to love, and fulfillment with
happiness. This is by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal
Lord and Saviour, accepting his personality and confessing
your guilt to him, and demanding for his spirit of truth to guide
you. Do this and thank me later, bear in mind that

Miracle Oluomachi: Hmmmmmm…this language own..,I don’t get
If not because of their language there’s no way you’d be able to communicate with most of us.
You can focus on d religious aspect and stop trying to jumble everything up.

Pretty Chi: He makes sense because I know not all “pastors” are truly called. Some are just draining people financially and otherwise. Evil doers, deceivers will go to seek power from the devil. I like the fact that Bella didn’t generalize it.. Because there are equally good pastors doing the will of God genuinely and helping the needy.

Adekeye Folake: Those commandments is from God not any human,so if u look at human u got it all wrong there is God and he his the I am that I am,acciant of days,rose of Sharon,God of Israel can’t stop worshipping u

Prince Colombo: He is not far from the truth, Onyibo really brainwashed Africa with Religion.

Junior Ezekwesili: The boy is not learned. The people that wrote the bible didn’t do it on their own rather they were inspired by god. I don’t know how we come to this level that christianity is a white man religion is shows how we lack in history and never wants to learn. This is also the same problem with our igbos brothers who think they are jews cause most of their practices are same with Israel but they failed to understand that we are even more jew than Israel. When you don’t know what to say you can still keep quite rather than saying rubbish.

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