“Some married men intentionally cause trouble at home so they can go out and cheat” – Rapper, Erigga


Newly wedded Nigerian indigenous rapper, Erigga Agarivbie has hinted at the tactics in the form of argument used by men to escape their wives.

The singer made this known via the social media platform, Twitter, where he encouraged women to boycott their husbands when arguments are sparked which according to him is a way of leaving home to cheat.

“Some men intentionally cause problems at home so they could go out and have fun in the name of “anger. My sister no gree oh!,” he wrote.

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Augusta Tobias: Excertly my brother you are saying the truth just to go outside and be with their side chick and spending alot of energy on them, God help us oh expecially we women

Kenny Fatima: Even single guys do so… they intentionally flare up with their babe, over a small issue so as to push her away and spend time with their other babe.. especially when ur guy knows ur weaknesses. In fact in relationships, it’s vice versa but in marriage it’s always the man

Queen German: Erigga may God bless you for this. They now make the wife at home feel guilty. That she caused it or she pushed the out. Once a cheat always a cheat.

Anna Aiwonegbe: First guy saying the truth. Everytime people will be blaming the women for pushing the husband outside not know na the husband de push him self outside🙄🙄😀

Emmanuel Greg: If i get married i will definitely cheat on my wife…that one is sure…inshot, fucking ur wifes friend is usually sweeter than fucking ur wife…there is this thing that makes friends sweeter…

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Khaliforn Mula: Stupid talk, a men can still cheat million times and still be at peace with the partner and you will never find out, likewise women!! ….women will now feel like they don’t have problem while they are 80% cause of the problem in a relationship.

“Some married men intentionally cause trouble at home so they can go out and cheat” – Rapper, Erigga
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