Stolen African Artifacts Shipped To Europe

It has been estimated that more than 90% of Artefacts of African Origins are not in African Continents according to various researches. These artefacts left Africa in different forms during the colonial period.

They were either stolen, looted or acquired under questionable circumstances in various markets. Furthermore, there are indications that they were taken during attacks by european colonialists using gun powers.

Examples of artefacts and ethnic legacies taken are ceremonial objects, human remains, natural history specimens, drums and recording devices.It is worthy knowing that those artefacts that are actually suppose to be placed in African Museums to generate income for the development of African Continents, are now used in museums around Europe for tourism.

There are campaigns to return back stolen artefacts, jewelries and other items to their countries of origin because of the sentimental values they have in many ethnic communities in Africa. In fairness, while some european countries agree that there should be some sort of restitution, others refused to accept that those looted items should be sent back to Africa. In addition to their refusal, some countries even enacted laws that will stop repatriation of African artefacts and other sentimental items. What Do You Think About Their Refusal To Repatriate? leave a comment below.

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