Canadian Universities

Canada Universities that Accepts OND, HND and 2.2 Grades for Masters Degree

If you want to come to Canada for a Masters Degree but have a low grade (like 2:2 or Second Class Lower) in your first Degree, or OND, or HND, then this is for you. I regularly get questions from many people who heard Canadian schools do not accept 2:2 CGPA or HNDs and want […]

How Scholarships Work in Canadian Universities

  In a world where everyone; amateurs, professionals, agents; both genuine, newbies and scammers post everywhere “Get full funded scholarships, relocate to Canada, do this, sign up, no IELTs… Bla bla” Truly, it’ll begin to sound like a mantra and all fake stories, (which in reality are) But don’t get us wrong, listen and also hear the […]

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