TALIBAN TAKEOVER: A Conspiracy Tactically Planned By The United State Government ~ Daniel Kalu


The Taliban take over has been long planned by the US. Forget about the blame game. The Afghanistan army has what it takes to combat the Talibans but they were sabotaged by the US.

The same thing they wanted to do in Nigeria but Buhari stood his ground by insisting that he doesn’t need foreign mercenaries to be in charge of the fight against terrorism in Nigeria but only need more sophisticated weapons. They set so many traps, launched several campaigns using the so called human rights abuses against Nigeria army during this time, but Buhari as a smartest General refused to bow to their tricky pressure.

The US has been accusing the Afghanistan government of being so corrupt and human rights abuses citing sharia laws which the Afghan government refused to make amendment. But because the US was already in Afghanistan for Osama bin Laden, it was easy to manipulate the government.



When the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan was announced, the US made it clear that they were not in Afghanistan to build the government. After 20 years?

In 2018, Donald Trump released Taliban leaders from prison including Ghani Baradar.

In 2020, Trump sent the then secretary of state Mike Pompeo to meet the Taliban leader who later led his fighters to take over Afghanistan yesterday.

Afghanistan is bordered by six countries including Iran, Pakistan and China and these countries are very interested in what is happening in Afghanistan but the US doesn’t want them in.

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If the Taliban failed to cut the “big cake” with the US, The US will remind them that no one handed over power to them and they will be invaded again.




~ Daniel Kalu





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Telema Harry: Anyone that calls Buhari smart should not and never be taken seriously.

I mean under his watch thousands of innocent Women and Children have been slaughtered for no just cause.

Please let us respect the families of thousands slaughtered and stop calling clueless Buhari smart.

Nigeria that is bleeding profusely under Buhari.

Eugene Abel: A normal article from one abreast with current affairs. The attempt to score a cheap Political point with the Buhari angle is misleading and silly .
The United States Government does not sponsor Security Contractors aka mercenaries .

Paul Omemodu: It will take a good understanding of international politics to comprehend this analysis… What has Buhari done to curb Bokofulabandits activities for 6yrs nothing more talk talk pamper and sympathetic innuendos.

Bill Amago: Can’t America finds a better way to mind its own business other than trying to exploring from developing countries by causing trouble ? Hmmmm….. International politics is the more you look, the less you see


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