Taxi Driver Abandons His Wife After She Gave Birth To Conjoined Twins In Imo

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A taxi driver in Owerri, identified as Anayochukwu Njoku, from Umuakagu, Agbahara Nsu in Ehime Mbano council area eloped and abandoned his wife after he realised that she gave birth to conjoined twins, Daily Trust reports.

Njoku’s wife, Chidinma, was said to have given birth to the conjoined twins on March 11, 2020, but their sight was not something that the man could behold.

Sadly, the conjoined twins, Goodluck and Rejoice Njoku were reported to have lost their mother three hours after their delivery.

Director General of the Imo Foundation, the humanitarian organ of the Imo State government, Mrs. Beulah Chukwuma, who spoke to newsmen while highlighting the plight of the children, said that after the burial of their late mother, the conjoined twins were brought to them.

Chukwuma said, “Presently, we have a family with conjoined twins.

Their mother, Mrs. Chidinma Njoku died on 11th March, 2020 three hours after giving birth to them in a maternity in Umuokoto Nekede in Owerri West Local Government Area.

“Their father, Mr. Anayochukwu Njoku, was helping his late wife in her tailoring shop to earn a living to support their poor family of six before the arrival of the conjoined twins, after he lost his job two years ago as a driver.

“By the special grace of God, as soon as the case got to the desk of Governor Hope Uzodimma, he gave an urgent directive for the twins to be brought to the Foundation for their adequate welfare and survival.

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“So currently, we are reaching out to quickly get their surgery done so that they can begin to live a better life. Chukwuma said that in spite of the assistance from the state government, there was the need to go beyond government.

“We need to reach out to organisations, individuals that are public spirited to come to our aid in addition to what the government is doing for us.”

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Ebi Opugo: Very bad he shouldn’t have run away he can simply pray to GOD ALMIGHTY for strenght and support from above because He is the Owner of the universe He created this wonderful children and they are a gift from Him The GOD of Heaven and Earth.

Cinrita Dickson: Only in Africa. Nonsense. If it’s over here .She and the babies will be getting the whole nine yards kind of treatment from every angle

Kelechi Modesta: Nawa ooo He lost his job as a driver, he is helping the wife in her tailoring shop, they had six children before the arrival of the conjoined twin, now the wife is late and the man ran away . what a wicked world? . why would people keep bringing innocent children to this world only to suffer them when you know the situation surrounding your family . God please take care of these children .

Joshua Chekwub: “The man should stop panicking because of money, God who created this children like this, have solutions for their problem.”

Ayiba Lynda: I think Federal medical centre Yola, Adamawa state once separated twins with this case, thus this ones should be taken there also.

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Ogechukwu Joe: Na waoo, maybe his sperm is conjoined too nah. What u planted in a woman is what u must harvest. He should better come back and take care of his wife and Kids.

Iribest Kinan: His conjoined sperm has produced conjoined twins. …….. the sperm is very mature

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