The great intrigue of the FASA white house.

Having an intriguing monument that attracts excellence and drags attention of people of all classes has been one stand out aim of every government no matter where it is situated. From world governments to simple setups, and this has become a point of attraction to our today’s article.The big question FASA White House, and who is behind it? What are the secrets behind this house and what inspired it? And who rules this house is what drives us to an interview with Comrade Nnamani Emmanuel the 8th Fasa president of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University and occupant of the White House for 100 days now and one focus of today’s interview also. I would like to begin with asking;

Q. The FASA White House is very intriguing, but first could you tell us a little about yourself?
A. My name is comrade Nnamani Emmanuel, I’m a 400 level student of History and International studies Nnamdi Azikiwe University. I’m the President Faculty of Arts Students Association and Chairman Council of Faculty Presidents Unizik. I hail from Enugu state, Nkanu West Local Government Area and I’m a native of Akpugo.I’m a politician and model per excellence.

Q. Before now, like before FASA presidency, have you ever had any political post or position before?
A. Yes, before the presidency I have been actively political since 100 level, and I was also formerly a member of the SRC of my department, being also involved in politics having helped aspirants win several posts.
Q. Wow! This office looks great! I heard it is called white house. Is there any idea behind “White House”?
A. Yes there is! Basically, when we talk about white House , first thing that comes to mind is U.S.A and we know that America has been a symbol of dignity and progress. The name”White House”, comes with high expectation,whereas the name secretariat which it could have been called really wasn’t up to par for me. The whitehouse was an ideology of my Predecessor, but was brought to life by my administration, I’m the first FASA president to have an office. The idea is that when outsiders hear of the white house, they sense and feel superiority and feel jealous. The idea behind the office and the name is one of excellence, one that could distinctively make a sad soul feel elated. Yeah! That’s it.

Q. So, Moving away from the White House, Let’s focus on the person in the white House. Personally, how has your 100 days in office been, and has it affected your social life?
A. I would say yes! It has definitely changed me. You know as a young man who puts all fun aside and takes on a greater responsibility that requires you to come to school everyday, and not just that, that you find a way to organize departmental presidents and Course reps of the biggest faculty on campus , it has really been tough. So this responsibility inherently does not give much space for fun. And the 100 the days has definitely been a time of learning, unlearning and relearning. You know, leadership is a process, it builds you and makes you tougher. But then it’s all good too. So I could say that personally, it has been a 100 days of hardwork and sacrifices . it has definitely not been easy or totally rosy as it might seem because of its requirements, but the experience is worth it.

Q. Funny enough, you could have gone for any other post maybe the SUG presidency or departmental president, so why? Why FASA president? Why?
A. That’s quite astonishing though. Initially even though I was involved in school politics,I ran for FASA presidency because I wanted to make a difference,to change the narrative. Until 200 level where the dictum “until you practice politics , you can’t make real change” started being my guide. But then everybody I knew just wanted to go for SUG and I myself simply needed to make everyone else know that apart from the SUG , we as a faculty could still be relevant so long as there is strong and purpose driven government. So as a person I decided in order to do this, I needed to redefine the image of the faculty presidency, needed to make it look more relevant and needed to bring more dignity, and this was my drive.
I wanted people to see Faculty of Arts as the number 1 faculty and see the president as president of all presidents. I want to inspire students and show them, that not only can one make impact from the SUG but also from FASA. I wanted to bring FASA closer to the people and most importantly I recognized that if I could handle this well, I would leave a lasting legacy for people to follow in time to come. Hence the honorable venture.

Q. Wow! That’s inspiring! This would lead me to my next question. What do you think the past government did not do that your government has done differently in your 100 days in office and will do differently in time to come?
A. Well, first of all I would say that during my campaign for the presidency, I met some students and the question they asked shocked me. They asked “ Is there a faculty president?” I was shocked. I believe this is one of the places the past government didn’t really do too well. We have focused on bridging the gap between the government and the students. Most times I go around the classes in the faculty, trying to see what’s happening and make sure I am accessible.
In the past 100 days, that has been one of our focus points, we have also tried our best in idolizing the faculty . This is where I believe the past government did not really do too well. Making sure that the faculty of arts is being put in the spotlight, you could use the white house as an example. We have really done a lot better, setting a pace and path for the future governments to follow. Remarkably, I am even first president in the faculty to deliver a good number of students for SUG executive and legislative post. In essence , the faculty of arts is under a different dimension under my time as president.

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Q. So do you then believe that your government is fulfilling their manifestoes?
A. Yes, I believe they are, but gradually. You know, this is a process. In my campaign , I stated that I was on the part of healing FASA, and this healing is gradual and takes time, but its definite. So even in the next few days that we have left, more will be done. We have in the past 100 days done a whole lot to not only bring FASA together but also make us excellent in the university. We organized a faculty league which for the first time in a while, a cup, medal and cash prizes was given, we also sponsored the faculty female team who finished at second place, also sponsored freshers who came second place too, made sure of proper representation in the SUG, even commissioned and inaugurated a faculty sanitation committee that has ensured a clean environment. The white house too is also there, a whole lot has really been done.

Q. That’s outstanding. But can we get a little insight on what would be your government’s focus in the next 100 days?
A. Well basically, in some few days to come, my government might not be here anymore as to the fact that there isn’t much time left. But be that as it may, we are dedicated to delivering our manifesto, set new records in the faculty and also university at large.
As you can see, the FASA white house which is one of the most beautiful offices is what kick started my administration. So ask yourself, if we could start with something so glorious, what would come after that?
Just to give a little insight of what to expect, there would be an induction for freshers, a cultural day, an awards night to award excellence and we are also preparing for a marathon event too.
We have seen that a whole lot of people are under stress, which also motivated the movie night hosted a while ago. So we are focused on making students feel right and properly represented. In essence, we are focused on delivering more than what has been delivered.

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Q. So before I leave, what should we expect from comrade Nnamani Emmanuel?

A. I started as a baby boy, went through primary and secondary education too, I’m an international model and was the winner Nigerian king 2017/18, so I have been in many spheres of life. The politics I do here won’t end here because of what I have been able to achieve in my short time here. So in the future if I’m to come out for a political post, there would be evidence of my competence. There is definitely more to come in the future! Definitely not ending here. I’m a person of excellence and high taste, I like taking things to the next level. And youths are not leaders of tomorrow, take note, we are leaders of today. Expect me.

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