The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring

The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring
The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring

The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring  Foreign nationals who want to work in the Netherlands have many options, but they must meet certain conditions.

Workers from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland usually require permits to work in the Netherlands. Permits come in two forms: a tewerkstellingsvergunning (work permit) and a combined vergunning voor verlijf en arbeid (GVVA), which translates to a combined residence and work permit.

Non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals traveling to the Netherlands to work for more than three months must apply for a GVVA.

They can only do this if their employer has issued the TWV on their behalf. Work permits are not issued by the Norwegian Working Environment Authority unless strict restrictions are met. For example, an employer must be able to demonstrate that they cannot find a suitable candidate within the EU. Special types of workers are subject to less stringent requirements.

When a company or temporary employment agency hires a foreign national, the company or temporary employment agency must apply for a TWV and submit a copy of the worker’s ID along with the permit to the employer. Before employment begins, the employing company compares the copy with the employee’s original ID and keeps the copy in the company’s records.

As with most work permits, skilled immigrants (ie those who are highly educated and can contribute to the knowledge economy in the Netherlands) have a good chance of obtaining a work permit and being employed.

Depending on how long the foreigner will be employed in the Netherlands, one of two permits may be necessary. Foreign workers apply for GVVA for themselves, while employers only apply for TWV.

Conditions for work permits: An employer can only employ someone from outside the EEA and Switzerland in the following cases:

  • The employer cannot find a suitable candidate from an EEA country or Switzerland;
  • The vacancy has been open for at least five weeks or three months and is difficult to fill. The UWV decides whether a vacancy is difficult to fill.
  • The employer has done everything possible to find a worker from the Netherlands, the EEA, or Switzerland.
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Less stringent requirements: Although some groups of foreign workers require a GVVA or TWV, the application requirements can be less stringent for others. The persons covered by this rule include:

  • Students who combine their studies with a job of no more than 16 hours a week;
  • Interns;
  • Trainees (on-the-job learning);
  • Artists whose income is higher than a threshold amount;
  • Asylum seekers who work up to 24 weeks over 52 weeks;
  • Spiritual leaders, such as ministers, imams, and clerics;
  • Nuns, monks, or missionaries

You can learn more about these and other categories of foreign workers on the UWV and IND websites.

Some Dutch multinationals: global companies such as KPMG, Phillips, Heineken, Unilever, KLM, ING, Elsevier and others were not only founded by Dutch people, but also have their headquarters in the Netherlands.

However, it is worth checking their website for vacancies that may provide work permits. Find some of them here:

About the Netherlands: The Netherlands, also known as the Netherlands, is a country in northwestern Europe with Amsterdam as its capital. The country is known for having the largest port in Europe, a competitive business climate and a well-educated workforce. The country is also famous for its flat landscape with canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes that tourists find attractive.

The official language is Dutch and the country has a population of 17.5 million in 2022. Many consider the local business culture to be very flexible and innovative.

The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring
The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring

The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring


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  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Due to the necessity of the position, we are entitled to appoint a candidate who matches the required profile before the above deadline
  • Only qualified candidates will be invited for an interview
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The Netherlands is Offering Work Visas To Foreigners and Companies Are Hiring


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