The Role of Hospitals In Disaster Management ~ Justice Chikezie

The Role of Hospitals During Disaster

“Hospitals are expected to handle whatever they receive and do it right the first time. It is public expectation that hospitals are always available to take care of them in all circumstances, and so the hospitals should be able to provide this support in all situations including during disasters.

When disasters occur, people pay particular attention to the victims with a view of helping the injured and preventing death. The injured need urgent medical attention, while those who escape without physical injuries may still need long-time medical care including psychosocial services. When hospitals fail to help these victims in emergency situations as a result of collapse of the health system, it means they are not available when they are needed the most and this causes unnecessary suffering and available deaths. Hospitals are viewed as a safe havens for people and a measure of a community’s well-being and health status. Therefore, it is important that they function before, during and after disasters. They are community’s lifeline in normal times and their role may extend beyond direct life-saving, as they are also symbols of social progress and economic development.

Hospitals play a critical role during disasters, as they provide emergency care services and are perceived as vital resources for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for both physical and psychosocial care. When responding to mass casualties, the main goal of the hospitals is to save as many lives as possible, and this requires allocating their limited resources in a modified manner.

Chikezie Justice


The Role of Hospitals In Disaster Management ~ Justice Chikezie
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