‘There’s nothing absolutely wrong with spoiling a man’ – Anita Joseph advises ladies

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Nollywood actress Anita Josephhas taken to her social media page to advise her fellow women on how to keep the sparks in their relationships.

In her recent post on Instagram, the actress advised ladies to spoil their men because there is nothing wrong with it.

She wrote:

“There’s nothing Absolutely wrong with spoiling a Man.. Just make sure he’s Yours 😳😳Atokwa m Jesu 🤣🤣🤣”

See her post below:


The actress earlier counseled ladies on the need to marry men that will put them in the mood at all times.

The movie star cum entrepreneur aso cautioned married women not to let their guards down immediately after marriage.

See comments and reactions

Ruth Daniel Adonor: We know😅… Na guy when calm down go enjoy😁😂i can use my last to make my man happy😊…I can’t spoil someone who doesn’t deserve it…some guys truly don’t deserve spoiling dey take d lady for a fool🤦🏽

Joyce Okayson: I concur.
But pls spoiling a responsible man gives heavenly feeling and unconditional reward from him.
I come in peace.

Idongesit David: There is nothing wrong….a lady should spoil her man …buy him gifts…take him out once in a while….a man too should do the same for his lady….

Merizzy merit: Spoil a man that have sense. That ready to work and build, grow stronger relationship with you. Not the ones that ll frustrate your life and turn you into a mad woman and still use your money to sleep around with other women

Lapresh Baribee: God bless you

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My own na insult and abuse…

She’s happy to be with another woman’s husband than for her to arrange her house…
Shaaa em don end.

Destiny Child: Look the some the stingy ladies shouting ” spoil the one that have sense, spoil the one that is responsible, don’t spoil another woman’s man” etc…so u think u are most sensible and responsible lady that is why he has been spoiling u since?
What about a man who spoil a woman and later she later leaves him to go for other man…?
Well ‘ i rest my case..

Stanley Glory: To spoil man no be bad tin ooo but my sister no go spoil anoda woman man oooooo bcos shiloh no dey dis year ooo Na till next year

Okemadu Chinasa Christian: Spoiling a man, depends on de kind of spoiling. Is it de one u will spoil and stay or spoil and run. Bcos i want someone dat will spoil me and stay with me for ever

Daniel James: Anita Tell Them Abeg!!!! The Stingy Ones Will Just Go & Buy Boxers & Singlet For Dia Man & Be Expecting The Man To Give Them Heaven & Earth!! You as a girl if u change ur boyfriend phone will you die??

Iboroma Tonojeit: Men should be the ones spoiling ladies by constantly giving to them, it’s naturally.

The sad part of all of this is that, most women forget to appreciate men for once.

Its give and take, make ona no dey suck us dry oh.

Joseph Ifejika: I hate to be spoilt by any woman. Because in the end, you would regret ever being born

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Iwuchukwu Blessing: A man that have sense,a man that Cherish me,a man that always spoil me too.Yes there is noting wrong with it.

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